Strengths - Midwifery

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Strengths - Midwifery by Mind Map: Strengths - Midwifery

1. Calm under pressure

1.1. being clam under pressure means keeping your composure when met with a time critical or important situation

1.1.1. in my job: the environment of a midwife is extremely hectic and time-critical. staying calm will not only help me out to not be stressed but it will also keep others calm e.g. patients. 21st Century Skills Communication - being able to communicate and keep calm under pressure. Critical thinking - staying calm under pressure involves critical thinking as "pressure" implies that the situation you are in has to be sorted out quickly and efficiently.

2. Punctuality

2.1. having punctuality means being on time and organised

2.1.1. in my job: midwifery is obviously a job in medicine and can save lives. being on time and organised will help me in this role because firstly it will show to my higher-ups that I am organised and secondly it will keep me organised and not stressed. 21st Century Skills Coordinating with others - being on time and managing time well will help me be on time when meeting people going to meetings etc. This will show my higher-ups that i am once again organised and able to do my job.

3. Leadership

3.1. leadership means having a leading role or influence on a group of people or team.

3.1.1. in my job: having leadership as a skill is important to midwifery because it gives me confidence to speak up and to have a leading role in a hospital, birthing centre etc. 21st Century Skills jJdgment and decision making - being a leader of a group/team, it is important to be able to make decisions and judgments that effect other peoples jobs/lives. Negotiation - being able to negotiate with other leaders is an important part of being a fair leader.

4. Time managment

4.1. “Time management” is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities. Good time management enables you to work smarter, not harder so that you get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high

4.1.1. in my job: having time management skills will help me as any job in medicine needs to be done quickly especially in hospitals. when a woman is in labour it is obviously only a matter of time until she has her baby, therefore being time efficient and managing time correctly is crucial. 21st Century Skills Complex problem solving - being able to solve complex problems on the spot, or in a short space of time is really helpful in a job in midwifery. each patient will be different and there is millions of different problems that can arise and will need a solution quickly. critical thinking - being able to think critically will help my decisions be smarter, more useful and possibly save lives in the long run.