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Success by Mind Map: Success

1. Which are the qualities I have of an organized person

2. Think What do you did interestly What do you did in free time When you be happy in what work

3. How to identify my talents

3.1. Open your mind

3.1.1. Evaluate what you good at really

3.2. Think about what you enjoy

3.3. Release every negative thoughts

3.4. Think about time you were successful

3.5. Look back on your past

4. Importance of time

5. Highlight the important notes Before reading look at the headings and pictures Repeat the studied things before 24 hours Etc..

6. Set your goal

6.1. What do you mean by goal ? What do you want to achieve

6.2. Beneficial effects of leaf

6.3. Biography of successful people

6.3.1. Arjuna ranathunga Mohommed ali Imran khan Jackma Susanthica jayasinghe

7. Understanding you

7.1. Career code

7.1.1. Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional

7.2. Talent

7.3. Inborn potential No need effort Comes naturally Cannot develop Unique

7.4. Learning style

7.5. Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

7.6. Ask around

8. Creating a learning environment

8.1. Study room

8.1.1. Study table

8.1.2. Book shelf

8.1.3. Keep neat and tidy

8.1.4. Objects needed to study

9. Evaluate yourself

9.1. Identifying the options I have

9.2. Creating an action plan

9.2.1. How to set a goal

10. Self organizing

10.1. To do list Schedule

10.2. Qualities of an organized person

10.2.1. Helpful to others in the society An active person Etc...

10.3. Benifits of being an organized person

10.3.1. Lead a balance life In creased productivity Reduse stress levels Efficient use of time Positive attitude More creativity More flexibility in your routine Stay focused on your goal Health and happiness Gives more control Provides more space Be a role model

10.4. Bad thoughts Bad habits Stop wasting time

10.5. Steps to be an organized person

10.5.1. Remove / stop unwanted things

10.5.2. A place for everything and everything its place

10.5.3. Academic and non academic

10.5.4. Cleanliness

10.5.5. Neat and tidy

10.5.6. Time Time is life is time

11. Self regulated studying

11.1. Visual leaner

11.1.1. How should a visual learner have to study