Who Am I And Careers That Interest Me

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Who Am I And Careers That Interest Me by Mind Map: Who Am I And Careers That Interest Me

1. Education/Training Programs Graphic Designer- A bachelor’s degree in graphic design some people with a bachelor’s degree in another field may consider technical training in graphic design to meet most hiring qualifications. Hospitalist- Earning a bachelor’s degree then attending medical school and also earning their medical degree. After they are required to spend three years in a residency program for internal medicine. Even Planner- A bachelor’s degree in business, communications, public relations, marketing or hospitality management. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree you can qualify for a entry-level position, but you should have at least one to two years of experience in the field. School Counsellor- A school counselor needs to be registered with the Ontario School Counsellors Association. The other process is to receive a master’s degree in counselling psychology, educational psychology, educational counselling, developmental psychology, or social work. Psychologist- To become a clinician you have to apply for a registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, a process of 4 years of work experience and one year of supervised practice. Customer Service Management- A bachelor’s degree. Employers can often accept candidates with a variety of majors, but the most common is bachelor’s in business administration.

2. Skills Problem solving Organization Communication Interpersonal skills Active listening skills Creativity skills

3. Aptitudes I’m good at baking I pay attention to detail very closely when it comes to certain things I like to draw I like to read and I also go to a reading club every friday at 4pm to 8pm I like to start planning things ahead of time I like to practice writing during my spare time

4. Values Understanding Determination Success Consistency Integrity Honesty

5. Preferences I prefer working alone I prefer working indoors I like working with my hands I prefer working at a Part-Time job instead of a Full-Time job I prefer working in a public setting I prefer working in the morning then in the afternoon

6. Jobs That Align With My Skills Graphic Designer Hospitalist Even Planner School Counsellor Psychologist Customer Service Management

7. Strategies To Help Reduce Barriers Become more social with others Try to understand your coworkers Get feedback Having a positive attitude Learning how to work well with others Ask the manger questions pay attention to conversations in meeting