Automatic order management system

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Automatic order management system by Mind Map: Automatic order management system

1. Process

1.1. -Using a ordering machine to order food.

1.2. After confirmation from customers, the order will be received by chefs in the kitchen.

1.3. There will be a main console that handles the whole process, the chef just needs to read in it machine and give finished dishes to servers that bring them to customers.

2. Function

2.1. Automatic management (remove human intervention).

2.2. Quickly, accurately and reliable.

2.3. Easily to statistic, investigate and be fixed.

3. Cost

3.1. Cheap, suitable with our capital.

3.2. Have potiential profits.

4. Programming

4.1. Our group will research to program code to make the system runs effectively.

5. Design

5.1. Location

5.1.1. Placed in the middle of restaurants.

5.2. Size

5.2.1. Small, neat and comfortable for the customers to have best experiences.

5.3. Decoration

5.3.1. Colored to be suitable for the restaurant's theme.