Dental Anomalies

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Dental Anomalies by Mind Map: Dental Anomalies

1. 1.) Environmental Alterations of Teeth

1.1. Developmental tooth defects

1.1.1. Factors association with environmental enamel defects Systemic Birth-related trauma: Breech presentations, hypoxia, multiple births, premature birth, prolonged labor Chemicals: Amoxicillin, antineoplastic chemotheraphy, cigarette smoke, fluoride, lead, tetracycline, thalidomide, vitamin D Chromosomal abnormalities: Trisomy 21 Infections: Chicken pox, pneumonia, rubella, syphillis, tetanus, urinary tract & gastrointestinal infections Inherited diseases: Amelo-cerebro-hypohidrotic syndrome, epidermolysis bulllosa, tuberous sclerosis Malnutrition: Generalized malnutrirtion, Vitamin A & D deficiency Medical conditions: Asthma, cardiac disease, celiac disease, etc. Neurologic disorders: Cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, sensorineural hearing defects Local Local acute mechanical trauma: falls, gunshots, surgery Electrical burn Irradiation Local infection: acute neonatal maxillitis, periapical inflammatory disease

1.1.2. Crown development Primary dentition Permanent dentition

1.1.3. Enamel deffects patterns Hypoplasia Diffuse opacities Demarcated opacities

1.2. Postdevelopmental structure loss

1.3. Discolorations of teeth

1.4. Localized disturbances in eruption