Lease Management System

Design Concept

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Lease Management System by Mind Map: Lease Management System

1. *Lease Agreement Module* Auto Generate Unique Contract Id Duration of Leasing Contract Contract Start Date Contract End Date Monthly Rent Reserved Move IN Date & Time Move OUT Date & Time Reservation Payment Contract Renewal Contract Extenion Contract Signed Notice Period Notice Sent Cheques Provided Contract Termination Undertaking letter Bounced Cheques ooredoo upgrade Maintenance Auto Generate Unique Tenant Id Auto Generate Unique Contract Id Auto Generate Property

2. *Services* Auto Generate Unique Service Id Service Name Service Type

3. *Contracts Module* Auto Generate Unique Contract Id Contract Name Contract Type Contract Status Supporting Docs

4. *Property Module* Auto Generate Property Id Property Type Size in Sqm Floor / Level Furnished Type No. of Bedrooms Property View Pets Allowed Property Images Property Layout Plan Current Renatl Price Past Rental Price

5. *Tenant Module* Auto Generate Unique Tenant Id First Name Last Name Mobile No. ID No. Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Dependents Nationality Employment Status Employeer / Company Name Tenant History / Character Cert. Supporting Docs