Drug detection device

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Drug detection device by Mind Map: Drug detection device

1. Device must be cost effective

1.1. The device's price point should be competitive based on market conditions

1.2. Replacement litmus test papers should be market competitive

1.2.1. Battery replacements should be market competitive

2. Efficiency

2.1. Minimum detection accuracy of 97%

2.2. Maximum response time of 20 seconds

2.3. Application notification within 1 millisecond after detection of substance

2.3.1. 5000 mAh battery life Litmus paper 20 test life cycle

3. User friendly

3.1. Mobile application is easy to install and available on all mobile platforms

3.1.1. Maximum mobile application size is 100 Mb Device clearly notifies user with a banner notification on the mobile application Device mass is less than 300 g

4. Scability

4.1. Mobile application receives software updates

4.2. The litmus paper can be easily replaced with updated version to reflect changes in the drug market

5. Environmentally sustainable

5.1. Uses recycled glass

5.1.1. electronic components are eco-friendly