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The Little Girl by Mind Map: The Little Girl

1. Character Sketch-

1.1. Kezia

1.1.1. Was a sweet , little , innocent girl full with childishness

1.1.2. Was afraid of her Father but loved her

1.1.3. Misunderstood her father completely and didn't know his condition

1.2. Kezia's Mom

1.2.1. Was a caring, loving , honest, strict and supportive

1.2.2. Knew the condition of Kezia's dad

1.3. Kezia's Dad

1.3.1. Was a busy and hardworking man

1.3.2. He required alot of rest

1.3.3. Looked very harsh at surface but was very gentle and loving at heart.

1.3.4. Never expressed his love much

1.3.5. In terms of Kezia he was a harsh giant

1.4. Kezia's Grandmother

1.4.1. Was a mature and understanding adult of the house

1.4.2. Never argued her son but saved Kezia

1.4.3. Encouraged them to make their relationship better

1.5. Macdonald

1.5.1. He was Kezia's neighbour

1.5.2. He had 5 children

1.5.3. He was very playful and loving

1.5.4. In Kezia's opinion he was a good father unlike hers (until she realised her father's condition)

1.5.5. She wanted her dad to be as Mr. Macdonald

2. Kezia's Nightmare

2.1. One day Kezia's mom fell ill.

2.2. She and Kezia's grandmother went to stay at the hospital

2.3. Kezia's nightmare came true she and her dad were left alone in the house

3. The Night

3.1. Alice (the cook) put Kezia to Kezia's bed as usual.

3.2. Kezia was scared because she had alot of nightmares

3.3. Generally in such case her grannie would take her to her bed but today there was no grannie

3.4. But that night the usual nightmare came 'The Nightmare of the Butcher'

3.5. She crept closer to him and snuggled her head on his shirt.

3.6. His father comforted her half asleep

3.7. She had a funny feeling and realized her dad's condition

3.8. She told her dad that he had a big heart and laughed.

3.9. She woke and saw her dad who slept next to her.

3.10. This improved their relationship and love and affection towards each other.

4. Rountine

4.1. Morning

4.1.1. Fearful beginning

4.1.2. Steps of her dad growing louder

4.1.3. Her father enters the room and gives a casual kiss

4.1.4. Afterwards her father would leave the room

4.1.5. Greatest relief to hear the steps growing fainter

4.2. Evening

4.2.1. The sound of his dad returning terrified Kezia

4.2.2. He ordered his cup of tea and slippers and Kezia pulled his boots off

4.2.3. He inquired about his papers

4.2.4. Asked Kezia about her behaviour throughout the day

4.2.5. She stood blank due to fear; He threatened her by the name of doctor

4.2.6. He asked Kezia's mom about teaching her not to be brink of suicide

4.3. On Sundays

4.3.1. Grandmother encouraged Kezia to interact with her parents

4.3.2. But her dad was sleeping and her mom was reading

4.3.3. She sat on the stool near her father but didn't speak anything due to fear

4.3.4. Her dad got irritated by seeing her stare at her

4.3.5. He called her 'Little Brown Owl'

5. Dad's Birthday

5.1. On encouragement from her grandmother Kezia made a pin cushion as a gift

5.2. She took some paper which were lying on the table

5.3. But unknowingly Kezia took papers that were very important for his dad

5.4. That night there was a hue and cry in the house

5.5. After questioning everyone one her mom asked her; She told the truth innocently

5.6. She wept all the time but was dragged down to hia dad without any sympathy.

5.7. Later, her dad beat her with a ruler quite harshly without knowing the reason

6. Author

6.1. Kathleen Mansfield Murry (14 October 1888 – 9 January 1923); Born and brought up in New Zealand, Known for her short stories like 'The Garden Party', 'The Daughters of the Late Colonel' etc,