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DL German at KET by Mind Map: DL
at KET
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DL German at KET


Video Instruction

30-50 minute segments

"stand and deliver"

Online Activities

within KET legacy CMS

Telephone Lessons

15-30 minute segments

2 or 3 times a week

led by tutors


Essays sent in by US Mail


sent in by US Mail



Promo Video


Web 2.0 approach

content, "shots" of content, short, focused, tagged

organization, allows easy navigation, facilitates independent learning, "der Bahnhof"


Blog Platform, use as gateway, der Bahnhof

Pencasts, using the "Smartpen" see:

Voicethread, create narrated slideshows, "TV Tutor"

ning, for creating networks, der Stammtisch, like "Twitter"

wikis, various platforms, pbwiki, Wetpaint, moodle, excellent writing practice, for ideas

SchülerVZ, like a German Facebook for teens

the "spark"

CPB Innovation in Public Media Grant

our proposal..., 1. Web 2.0 configuration for content, inspiration from, 2. make use of existing Web 2.0 platforms, But what is Web 2.0?