Mountainland Technical College

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Mountainland Technical College by Mind Map: Mountainland Technical College

1. Clay Christensen, President

1.1. Kirt Michealis, Vice President of Administration

1.1.1. Justin Browning, Human Resources Director Rosalie McOmber April Dahl Anna Hamon

1.1.2. Keven Cottle, Director of Finance Anthony Carrino, Food Services Manager Stacy Ungricht, Bookstore Manager

1.1.3. Marietta Evans, Student Services Director Keri Banbury, Student Services Manager Courtney Bleyle, Testing Center Coordinator Nicole Heslington Karalee Clark Lynn Adams Daniel Dearden

1.1.4. Jason Pugh, Technology Director

1.1.5. Blake Hendry, Facilities Director Lucas Sandgren, Maintenance Manager Gustavo Garcia, Maintenance Manager

1.1.6. Varden Hadfield, Development Director

1.1.7. David Rees, Director of Institutional Research

1.1.8. Lisa Oakes-Hawker, Financial Aid Manager

1.2. Joseph Demma, Vice President of College Relations

1.2.1. Mark Middlebrook, Marketing Director

1.2.2. Kelly Stone, Custom Fit Director

1.3. Holly Peterson, Vice President of Instruction

1.3.1. Lisa Birch Amber Price, Medical Billing and Coding Program Coordinator Brodie Sebresos, Information Technology Program Coordinator Anthony Huntington, Culinary Program Coordinator Ryan Davis, Digital Media Program Coordinator Jason Faga, Web Programming and Development Program Coordinator Alan Barth, Mobile Development Program Coordinator Brandon Anderson, Digital Marketing and Analytics Program Coordinator

1.3.2. Becky Fenton, Director of Healthcare Programs Julie Francis, Dental Program Coordinator Jennifer McAllister, Medical Assistant Program Coordinator Tiffany Haggerty, Nurse Assistant Program Coordinator Melanie Livingston, Practical Nursing Director Mandi Connelly, Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator Shauna Jackson, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator Marco Albrecht, EMT Coordinator

1.3.3. Gordon Reynolds

1.3.4. Cliff Carron-Campbell Renee Kalaniuvalu, Apprenticeship Operations Specialist

1.3.5. Emily Pulham, Office of Teaching and Learning Coordinator Doug Archibald, Instructional Designer Danny Young, Instructional Designer

1.3.6. Kodye Porter

1.4. Barbara Miner