Devices for Teaching and Learning

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Devices for Teaching and Learning by Mind Map: Devices for Teaching and Learning

1. Scanner

1.1. Translate written work into digital files

1.2. Create support materials that can be accessed anywhere

1.3. Provide absent students with the day's notes, activities, and any other work

1.3.1. New node

1.4. Modify written assignments digitally

1.5. Often creates very large digital files

2. Tablet

2.1. Students can annotate documents by hand

2.2. Tablet converts writing/drawing into digital marking

2.3. Students who struggle with legible handwriting or typing get typewritten notes created by the tablet

2.4. Easy to change and erase writing/drawings digitally

2.5. Costly - difficult to put more than one student on a single tablet

3. Input

4. Output

5. Data Projectors

5.1. Computer display no longer limited to small monitor screens

5.2. Can display anything created or viewable on a computer - documents, presentations, videos, photo, audio

5.3. Needs projection screen for clear, easily readable image

6. Speakers and Headphones

6.1. Great aids for auditory learners

6.2. Remove limitations of built-in computer speakers

6.3. Opportunities for whole-class auditory learning and individual audio reception

6.4. Work well with digital media and software

6.5. Different converters for different devices