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Notebook by Mind Map: Notebook

1. Surface

1.1. Shiny

1.1.1. Attract prey and mates

1.2. Blue

1.3. Smooth outer covering

1.3.1. Contains poison

1.4. Rough at the inside

1.4.1. Protects the animal

2. Ribbon

2.1. One white

2.1.1. Used to catch prey

2.2. One brown

2.2.1. Strangle and kill prey

3. Many thin pages

3.1. Flatten and eat prey

3.2. Flap (fly) to escape from predator or catch prey

4. Soft and flexible

4.1. Bend easily to eat prey

5. Other features

5.1. Can change color when it wants to hide from predator

5.2. Travel upside-down when it wants to mate

5.3. Hidden teeth inside pages to eat plants