What is Technology

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What is Technology by Mind Map: What is Technology

1. What I Used To Think

1.1. Trains (White, 2020)

1.2. Computers (Illg, 2019)

1.3. Digital Image (Petkovski, 2021)

1.3.1. New applications allow us to create art digitally, thus creating an overlap between technology and art/culture

1.4. Hammer and Nails (Jadon, 2020)

2. What I Now Think

2.1. Technology can be thought of "as consisting of four closely inter-linked elements" (Li-Hua, 2007)

2.1.1. Technique

2.1.2. Knowledge

2.1.3. Organization of Production

2.1.4. Product

2.2. John Dyers (2009) defined technology four times

2.2.1. Technology as Hardware

2.2.2. Technology as Manufacturing

2.2.3. Technology as Methodology

2.2.4. Technology as Social Usage

3. Sources

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4. Technique is "the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given state of development) in every field of human activity." (Ellul, 1964)

5. When comparing both: You can see there are some similarities and overlapping concepts, such as "Technique" vs "Technology as Methodology". However, definitions still vary depending on who you ask.

6. Conclusion

6.1. I think to define technology, we have to figure out what its purpose is. The purpose of pursuing new technology is to enhance the standard for living. To achieve this a combination of processes are needed, such as research and development, quality assurance tests, the manufacturing, processing and assembly required for the final product, etc. Essentially, technology is unnatural, and encapsulates a combination of thoughts and processes to improve our quality of life through new innovations.

7. Why We Need New Technologies

7.1. By consistently seeking improvements for prior technology, we can further our knowledge and understanding of the universe, while improving the standard for living. As Kevin Kelly (2009) mentioned in his TEDTalk, with just a minor amount of technology available the population of humans exploded during the age of Neanderthals, as stone tools and fire were being used. A higher standard of living would equate to a happier population, and furthering our knowledge would mean we can send more than just a Tesla Roadster to space for fun, because why not?

8. My prior knowledge led me to believe technology was only a physical product, whether it requires an electrical current or not. I now believe it is a combination of the tangible components like hardware, and intangible aspects such as knowledge and social usages. Also, it is unnatural, meaning beaver dam is not considered technology. However, knowing the purpose and use for a dam and applying it on a human-wide scale is the very definition of a technological advancement.

9. Starman and His Home Planet (SpaceX, 2018)