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Driver's Meeting by Mind Map: Driver's Meeting

1. Pickups (Time)

1.1. additional suggestion: teachers near respective pickups can come onboard to assist getting the students ready for pickups

1.2. Manager's route for early morning pickups is back in operation. Driver (Mr. Oscar) should report by 5:50am every working day and be ready to move by 6am on the dot.

2. Fuel

2.1. Bracing for new method of purchase. Coupons will be given for each and every purchase.

3. Bus fuel tank needs

3.1. welding option available

4. Car battery

4.1. 2 needed for Kwaku's bus. Weighing options: hire purchase?

5. Conclusion

5.1. They are responsible for whatever put in their charge. Should report related issues to mgt. always.

6. 26 / 05 / 2021