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1. Order Siphonaptera

1.1. - compressed wingless holometabolous insects

1.1.1. - contains approximately 2572 species in which all are parasitic in the adult stage - mouthparts modified for piercing and sucking, highly modified combs and setae on their body and legs, and legs that are modified for jumping - some species are vectors of disease

2. General Morphology of The Flea

2.1. - adult fleas are on average 2.0 to 6.0 mm in length and have laterally compressed bodies

2.1.1. - they posses antennae, sucking mouthparts and (usually) eyes - all fleas lack wings and have modified hind legs for jumping - their lateral flatness and glossy surface facilitate moving among thick fur

3. Classification of Siphonaptera

3.1. - Genus : Tunga (species: T.penetrans)

3.1.1. - Genus : Pulex (species: P.irritans [Human Flea]) - Genus : Xenopsylla (species: X.cheopnis [Rat Flea]) - Genus : Ctenocephalides (species: C.canis[Dog Flea] & C.fecalis [Cat Flea]