OAS HR dept. sections /overview

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OAS HR by Mind Map: OAS HR

1. HR sections

1.1. Staffing

1.1.1. Job posting / Recruitment

1.1.2. Hiring/Selection processes

1.1.3. Contract renewals

1.1.4. Reclassifications

1.1.5. Performance evaluation

1.1.6. Labor relations

1.1.7. Separation

1.1.8. Employee requests

1.2. Benefits

1.2.1. 37 benefits to Staff members Dependency Allowance Rental Allowance a/ Language Allowance b/ Installation Allowance c/ Education Grant d/ Travel Education Grant d/ Assignment Allowance /a/e Mobilization Allowance (new recruitment or transfer) a /c / Repatriation Travel and Moving Allowance f/ Tuition Reimbursement g/ Annual leave h/ Home leave i/ Sick leave Maternity leave j/ Parental Leave j/ Health Insurance Life Insurance Workers' compensation Comp. Loss /damage to Pers. Effects Long Term disability Accidental Death and dismemberment Work Related Accidental Death and dismemberment 24 hrs OAS Retirement and Pension Fund k/ 401(m) Plan l/ Provident Fund / Direct Savings Official Travel Expenses m/ Excess Baggage & Transportation of Personal Effects Moving expenses (transfer or separation from service) n/ Separation Indemnity o/ Repatriation Grant Final Compensation p/ Award of Merit p/ Stipend for special missions q/ Months of extension beyond date of death Last day of service r/ Prior notice Alternative Work Arrangements

1.2.2. Services Visa OTD - Official Travel Document G4 Visa (New and Renewals) G5 Visas (New and renewals) Employment Authorization Notifications of Appointment, Change, and Termination Employment certificates Staff CPRs Verification of Employment Non-elegibility letter (DMV vertificate)

2. Expectations/Pain points

2.1. Self-service

2.2. Centralised and easily accesible information HR team and personnel

2.3. Optimize and standardise processes

2.4. Avoid (manual) data re-entry / re-processing

2.5. Improve employee life-cycle

2.5.1. Training

2.5.2. Succession / career planning

3. Systems

3.1. LMS - Leave Management System

3.2. PARS - Personnel Action Request

3.2.1. Update employee records requests Maintain Profile information including competencies, degrees and licenses Manage performance and development goals View pay slips Access benefit information Manage career development Update personal information such as address, contact information or marital status changes

3.3. Oracle HR

3.4. Taleo

3.5. PES - Performance Evaluation System

3.6. Interns

3.7. NPA - Notification of Personnel Action

3.8. OPDB - personnel database

3.9. RBCS - Results Based Contracting System

3.10. ECR - Employment Certificate Requests

4. Personnel Types

4.1. Staff

4.1.1. Career

4.1.2. Continuing Contract

4.1.3. Trust

4.1.4. Fixed Term Series A Series B Special mission contracts

4.1.5. Associates

4.2. Fellows

4.3. (Natural) CPRs - Results based contracts

4.4. Retirees

4.4.1. Health and Life insurance

4.5. Volunteers

4.6. Local Personnel

4.7. Interns

4.8. CIDH becarios - commissioners

5. Services

5.1. AMS - OAS areas requests

5.1.1. Job requisitions

5.1.2. Contract extensions

5.1.3. CPR contract approval

5.1.4. Official Travel Document

5.1.5. Change of funding source

5.2. Personnel requests

5.2.1. Leave requests

5.2.2. Update profile (self and dependants)

5.2.3. Certificates Employment (only for staff and non US citizens) Request for Employment Authorization Card (For dependants) Non-eligibility letter (DMV)

5.2.4. Benefits Home leave request Enrollment

5.2.5. Payroll and Taxes Monthly payroll NPAs analysis and recording in OASES Post Adjustment Credit Union, Staff Association, Rowe Fund, Parking deduction Overtime Monthly comparisons Reconciliations Journal entries manual Third party payments Midpay advance Exception reports LMS/TEC (payroll withholdings) Earning Statements Local Currency payroll Exchange Rates Salary Scales Direct Deposit via third party Journal entries manual Liquidations Termination Liabilities Calculation spreadsheet Payment of Post-employment benefits US Tax Reimbursement TRS OAS Tax Form System Journal entries manual Payments via EFTPS/Bank of America CHECKS???

5.3. ServiceNow

5.3.1. Account Setup New Hire HR Profile Account Notification HR Accounts Inquiry Password Reset HR Account Access Request

5.3.2. Visa Work Visa Transfer Request Employee Travel Visa Request

5.4. New Hire

5.4.1. New Hire Documentation

5.4.2. Request Onboarding

5.5. Benefits

5.5.1. General Benefits Inquiry

5.5.2. Beneficiaries Add/Modify

5.5.3. 401(k) Retirement Plan Enrollment/Modification

5.5.4. 401(k) Retirement Plan Inquiry

5.5.5. Medical Benefits Enrollment/Modification

5.5.6. Medical Benefits Enrollment Inquiry

5.5.7. Medical Benefits Inquiry

5.5.8. Beneficiaries Inquiry