what is technology?

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what is technology? by Mind Map: what is technology?

1. References

1.1. Megantz, B. (2002), Technology Management: Developing and Implementing Effective Licensing Program, Wiley, New York, NY. Karatsu, H. (1990), “Right technology: transferring technology that is needed”, Intersect, October, pp. 10-13. Nonaka, I. and Taekuchi, H. (1995), The Knowledge Creating Companies: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation, Oxford University Press, New York, NY. Gaynor, G.H. (1996), Management of Technology: Description, Scope, and Implication, Handbook of Technology, McGrew-Hill, New York, NY. https://youtu.be/Px5z-dG531c https://youtu.be/UFwWWsz_X9s

2. what was my thought of technology ?!

2.1. Tablet

2.2. Smartphone

2.3. computers

2.4. Metro

2.5. Digital Camera

2.6. Electricity

2.6.1. Television

2.6.2. Washing machine

2.7. Internet

3. The new thought of technology

3.1. Technology represents the combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fulfil our needs and desires or that perform certain functions (Karatsu, 1990).

3.2. limited technology to high-tech industries such as computers, superconductivity, chips, genetic engineering, robotics, magnetic railway and so on focuses excessive attention on what the media consider newsworthy (Gaynor, 1996).

3.3. Technology is the way to be healthy and happy Megantz (2002) further elaborates on this in the preface of his book Technology Management: Developing and Implementing Effective Licensing Program that technology is a wonderful, amazing, always-changing bags of tricks that help the human being to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives

4. How have my ideas changed

4.1. In these days, Technology became a measure of the development of countries and indispensable necessity because most of important fields in life depend on it

4.1.1. Education

4.1.2. Health

4.1.3. Transportation

4.1.4. Industry

4.1.5. Social Media

4.2. Knowledge is increasingly being recognized as a vital organizational resource that gives market leverage and competitive advantage (Nonaka and Taekuchi, 1995; Leonard-Barton, 1995).

4.3. Every thig around us related to technology

5. We need technology

5.1. To be familiar with any development will happen around us. because every thing surrounding us related to technology.

5.2. Technology makes our life easy.

5.2.1. Technology save time and effort

5.3. Technology is necessary for education.

5.3.1. Learning online

5.3.2. Communicating and working together

5.3.3. Searching for information

5.3.4. Increase Knowledge and improve skills

5.4. To perform advanced surgeries.

5.4.1. Laser eye surgery

5.4.2. Kidney lithotripsy

6. Conclusion

6.1. Technology is controlling all the world, it will be very useful source if we use it in good way to increase development and make the life more easier and safer.

7. Technology is very hard word to define, because it is very complicated. It is a mix between programs and systems that human made and keen on developing them over the time, in addition to use these sets in many fields to facilitate life, create modern machine and new inventions to keep up with all the world.