Phonectis and Phonology

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Phonectis and Phonology by Mind Map: Phonectis and Phonology

1. Phonology

1.1. Is the study of the sound system

1.1.1. Characteristics: Phonology is that part of language which comprises the systematic and functional properties of sound in language. Examples An example of phonology is the study of the movements the body goes through in order to create sounds - such as the pronunciation of the letter "t" in "bet," where the vocal chords stop vibrating causing the "t" sound to be a result of the placement of the tongue behind the teeth and the flow of air.

2. Differences


2.2. Production - Transmistion - Reception


2.4. Sounds and their organization

3. Phonetics

3.1. Studies how humans make and perceive sounds

3.1.1. Characteristics: Phonetics is divided into three types according to the production (articulatory), transmission (acoustic), and perception (auditive) of sounds. Examples: Same: /seɪm/ Rose: /roʊz/