The Burks Party

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The Burks Party by Mind Map: The Burks Party

1. U.S. Education Policy

1.1. The Burks Party supports lowering tuition for students who pursue an education at a public university or college.

1.2. The Burks Party will repeal provisions of "No Child Left Behind" and "Race to the Top" in favor of creating a system that emphasizes authentic assessment and does not rely on standardized testing as a metric of learning.

1.3. The Burks Party will provide legislation that increases teacher salaries in public school districts, including charter schools.

2. U.S. Energy Policy

2.1. The Burks Party will invest heavily in the research and development of alternative energies.

2.2. The Burks Party will not pursue international intervention in nations for their oil access.

2.3. The Burks Party will seek to reduce nuclear power plants in the U.S. and replace them with alternative energies.

3. Social Issues

3.1. Gay Marriage

3.1.1. The Burks Party believes in equal rights of marriage for all adult citizens, regardless of gender, race, origin, religion, and creed.

3.2. Abortion

3.2.1. The Burks Party supports a woman's right to choose what is best for her body.

3.3. Physician Assisted Suicide

3.3.1. The Burks Party supports a citizen's right to end their own life when doing so otherwise puts too great of a physical, psychological, mental, or emotional impact on the patient.

3.4. Affirmative Action

3.4.1. The Burks Party supports public and private institutions who choose to utilize affirmative action in hiring, selecting, or admitting citizens to their institutions.

3.5. Gun Rights

3.5.1. The Burks Party supports a citizen's right to own guns, but will pursue legislation that prevents automatic and semi-automatic gun sales.

3.6. Capital Punishment

3.6.1. The Burks Party will pursue legislation that ends the practice of capital punishment in the U.S. due to its inhumane nature and high cost to the American people.

3.7. Poverty

3.7.1. The Burks Party will pursue and reaffirm legislation that aims at narrowing the gap between rich and poor, as well as provides assistance to those who are unable to provide for themselves or their families.

4. U.S. Economic Policy

4.1. Infrastructure

4.1.1. The Burks Party supports rebuilding the United States' by providing funding for public works projects aimed at providing more jobs and improving our infrastructure.

4.2. Regulation

4.2.1. The Burks Party will reinstate legislation aimed at regulating large banks and financial companies in order to prevent another economic recession.

4.3. Consumer Protection

4.3.1. The Burks Party will pursue the creation and expansion of a Consumer Protection Agency in order to monitor industries and companies who pose a threat to the economic wellbeing of U.S. citizens.

4.4. Government Spending

4.4.1. The Burks Party believes the private sector, though important in building our economy, cannot be relied upon to bring the U.S. out of this recession. Thus, the government needs to spend money in order to spur investment and create jobs.

4.5. Tax Rates

4.5.1. The Burks Party aims to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest Americans and preserve those tax breaks for middle and lower class citizens who are in greater need of them.

4.6. Trade

4.6.1. The Burks Party aims to reexamine the effect membership in NAFTA and the WTO have, not only on U.S. interests, but on other affected nations.

5. U.S. Foreign Policy

5.1. The Iraq War

5.1.1. The Burks Party is dedicated to ending the war in Iraq in as quick a manner as possible that does not threaten the security of U.S. soldiers or the Iraqi people.

5.2. The War in Afghanistan

5.2.1. The Burks Party is dedicated to supporting the Afghan government in stabilizing its nation and providing security for its citizens.

5.3. Iran

5.3.1. The Burks Party is dedicated to creating a positive relationship with Iran and working toward establishing a peaceful relationship that will eliminate the tension felt in both nations.

5.4. Africa

5.4.1. The Burks Party is committed to providing assistance to African nations that seek assistance and to do so in the manner in which that African nation asks for assistance. Additionally, the Burks Party will no longer associate or support governments that oppress citizens in their nation or others and will actively work toward removing them.

5.5. Peacekeeping

5.5.1. The Burks Party believes the U.S. should use its influence and wealth for the purposes of creating peace around the world. This does not mean utilizing preemptive military intervention, but participating more in international organizations such as the U.N.

5.6. The War on Terrorism

5.6.1. The Burks Party will end the War on Terrorism as it is impossible to declare war on an ideology and because it comes at a tremendous to the American public and the international perception of the U.S.

6. U.S. Health Care Policy

6.1. The Burks Party supports the creation of a public option for qualifying citizens without coverage.

6.2. The Burks Party supports legislation that provides affordable prescriptions and medication for seniors and low-income families.

6.3. The Burks Party will support funding for stem cell research.

7. Immigration

7.1. The Burks Party supports passing the DREAM Act and will seek to expand provisions for immigrants who are unable to serve in the military or attend an institution of higher education.

7.2. The Burks Party will pursue legislation making it easier to obtain a work VISA.

8. National Security

8.1. Patriot Act

8.1.1. The Burks Party supports repealing provisions of the Patriot Act that allow the government to spy on citizens and non-suspects.

8.2. Airport Security

8.2.1. The Burks Party will end policies that require unneeded and invasive search of airline passengers.

8.3. Port Security

8.3.1. The Burks Party will invest more in the inspection of containers on water vessels for the purpose of better tracking what enters the U.S. as well as better monitor and pursue instances of illegal importation and exportation of human beings.