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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. Anything that occupies space and has mass is matter

2. molecules

2.1. Made up of tiny particles called atoms

2.2. Characteristics of molecules

2.2.1. Characteristics of molecules Very small in size Have spaces Attract each other

3. States of matter

3.1. Solid

3.1.1. Intermolecular force is very strong and space is reduced Definite shape and volume Rigid Cannot flow Closely packed

3.2. Liquid

3.2.1. Intermolecular force is not much and has increased intermolecular space Definite volume Non rigid Can flow Loosely packed

3.3. Gas

3.3.1. Intermolecular force is negligible and has the most intermolecular space No definite shape or volume Perfectly elastic Can flow Wide apart

4. Solid-liquid/ melting Liquid-solid/ freezing Liquid-gas/ vaporization Gas-liquid/ condensation Solid-gas/sublimation Gas-solid/deposition

5. Evaporation

5.1. Another process by which liquid changes to vapour at all temperatures. 1- slow and gradual 2-surface of liquid takes place 3- has a cooling effect

5.2. Rate of evaporation- Temperature of liq Area of exposed surf Nature of liq Flow of air above the liq Presence of moisture