B2B Customer Journey

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B2B Customer Journey by Mind Map: B2B Customer Journey

1. Sign-In (Guest/Member)

2. To (Pre-filled by retrieving data from the system)

3. Success Notification Box

4. Denied

5. Desktop (Responsive web)

5.1. B2B E-Commerce platform

5.1.1. Remember Password

5.1.2. Guest's homepage Top bar Our network Help center Seller Buyer Register Sign in Language Search Want to sell Want to buy Product categories (sidebar) Agriculture, forestry & fishing ... All categories Main contents Hero banner Privilege services Popular products Krungsri recommendation Popular categories Selling offers & Buying offers Knowledge center Footer About us Want to sell Want to buy Contact us Follow us

6. Mobile devices (Responsive web)

7. BAY Channel (KS.Com, KBOL, CashLink, TradeLink)

8. Product backlog

8.1. Designer

8.1.1. Sprint 1 Company profile Fields Register field

8.1.2. Sprint 2 Product catalog Add new product Summary of Uploaded Products Manage product Product page Inquiry Form RFP RFQ Scheduling Meeting Add To Mywishlist Company Page Want To Sell (Top Nav-Homepage) Post Selling Offer View Buying Offers Want To Buy (Top Nav-Homepage) Post Buying Offer View Selling Offers Sign-in (Guest/Member) Offering Board Selling Offers Buying Offers

8.1.3. Sprint 3 Search Type Product Company Brand You may like/Recommendation Privilege Service RFP/RFQ RFP Template RFQ Template Company Page Contact Person Company Profile Our Products Button

8.1.4. Sprint 4 Buyer sign up Seller sign up Search Keyword Company Product Brand Photo Photo with text

8.1.5. Sprint 5 User authentication User management Sign in

8.1.6. Sprint 6 Schedule meeting Wish list Customer/vendor management Activity log

8.2. Developer

8.2.1. Sprint 1 POC POC - Sandbox POC - Authenticaiton POC - Sign in (UI) POC - Autherization > Role management POC - Homepage POC - Priviledge services POC - Company profile POC - Product detail POC - User dashboard POC - Virtual meeting POC - Lead form POC - Business auto matching POC - Service integration > Architecture POC - Sign up (Register) POC - Product catalog POC - Search POC - Inquiry (RFP/RFQ) POC - Multi-language (TH/EN/JP) POC - Activity log POC - CMS#1 POC - CMS#2

8.2.2. Sprint 2 Guest's homepage Top bar Sidebar Main contents Footer Member's hompage Top bar Sidebar Main contents Footer Priviledge services POC Releted party Discussion International OTP Webseal SEO Data analytics Tech spike Auto-detection of potentially illegal product images

8.2.3. Sprint 3 Register Company profile

9. Note

9.1. User level & User structure

9.1.1. Platform admin Role?

9.1.2. Power user / Super user user Role?

10. Profile