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2013 TMS Goals by Mind Map: 2013 TMS Goals

1. Columbia Teachers College: Course on K-12 Media Lit

1.1. Teaching class in Spring semester

1.2. group workshops monthly (on hold)

1.3. days in schools (on hold)

2. URI: Summer Institute

3. The LAMP

3.1. Take on a new school with them

3.1.1. They do an intensive workshop series first

3.1.2. I develop a proejct within

3.2. Library connected to a school

3.2.1. use students as facilitators in library

3.2.2. intergenerational collaboration

3.2.3. community-building/connecting school to library

3.3. what do they need?

3.4. what do I need/want?

3.4.1. to pull up to a place between ground and what Katherine's doing

4. Book Chapter (2500wds): DONE!

4.1. Build towards the chapter with shorter blog posts on different school profiles now

4.2. Build a video bits along with it: shorts according to a format. Build the chapter and video bits as a fundraising proof of concept.

4.3. The Open K-12 School: Adapting to New Media, and New Literacies Throughout the digital revolution of the past ten years, K-12 schools have reacted to the cultural embrace of new media with caution. Existing educational institutions have lacked the dexterity to incorporate new forms of media, and reconfigure their curricula and teaching practices to accommodate an expanded idea of literacy in the emergent digital landscape. This chapter will identify the challenges of a range of public New York City schools, and examine strategies transforming curricula through incorporating media literacy concepts within existing standards, establishing adaptable digital media production skills in young students, and embracing the openness and adaptability of today’s public within public education.

5. New Website: (ASAP)

5.1. Guest blogs from teachers

5.2. launch by labor day week

5.3. content posts 1 per week

5.4. tools as we go with schools

6. Documentary Clips & Interviews

6.1. Public justification for media literacy in schools (for public and students)

6.1.1. Trace the standards to the relevance in citizenship

6.2. Modules for teachers

6.3. List special obstacles to look for when in schools tha5

6.4. Build the first one from my chapter

7. Recruit Collaborators

7.1. GOALS

7.1.1. Building The Media Spot's staff

7.1.2. Adding fun collaborators

7.1.3. Building Legacy/Spreading the work

7.1.4. Allowing more time for META management

7.2. ROLES

7.2.1. Rhys project ideas/brainstorming, and planning support; maintain good relationships with K-12 schools (admins, teachers) planning for pragmatic media literacy critical thinking capacity-building cultivate Higher Ed relationships with URI, Emerson, Montclair State & Columbia (possibly others)

7.2.2. Administrative Manager bring administrative knowledge, whole school planning, rigor, classroom connections, team building, deep knowledge of standards-based planning and assessment, more cohesive school planning.

7.2.3. Business Manager structure the biz set rates est. consultant rates set goals find new business manage the books find new sources of income

7.2.4. Research Partner ground TMS practices in research design assessments help strategize around writing & documentary content collaborate on articles and documentaries raise funding for all of the above

7.2.5. Consultant Partner Works with me, and independently in schools Strong tech skills Google apps iMovie/Final Cut Mac OSX (troubleshooting, network setup, etc.) Windows (troubleshooting, network setup, etc.) Quick learner of new software File Sharing, Networking Basics a Plus Game Design experience a Plus Basic programming a Plus Experience with Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Drupal) and other WYSIWYG editors Teaching experience adults/kids Good with kids Familiarity/Experience with K-12 school environment Common Core Standards Testing culture Admin/Teacher dynamics Strong grounding in Media Literacy Critical thinking at the core Able to connect media literacy concepts to traditional goals within student productions. Experience with this in educational capacity Skills & Experience I don't have that are complimentary!

7.2.6. Intern or Apprentice Consultant some of what the consultant partner would have, and capacity to learn the rest on the job Willing to take initiative Experience throwing yourself into scary unknown scenes and able to navigate and learn from them

7.3. TMS Work Sites

7.3.1. vendor license & contracts

7.3.2. history, name recognition, national presence

7.3.3. K-12 NYCDOE Contracts

7.3.4. Higher Ed Partnerships


7.4. Emily Balin (TC Doc Student)

7.4.1. write a dissertation about Rhys' method

7.4.2. interested in identity

7.4.3. researcher/co-author

7.4.4. look at Soundview as a potential site

7.5. Johnathan Friesem (URI Prof)

7.6. Julie URI Prof measuring critical thinking

7.7. John Stone, Business Guy Teach for America

7.8. Joellen Fisherkeller NYU

7.8.1. Youth media (new book)

7.8.2. could provide students to shadow TMS in schools...

7.9. Rushkoff

7.9.1. pipeline

7.9.2. ask him to retweet a job posting

7.9.3. send me programmers ready to work with kids?

7.9.4. take a programming course with him?

7.10. Dave Cooper Moore, Temple & NAMLE

7.11. Gus Andrews (Columbia TC)

7.12. Britt Hamre, Columbia TC

7.13. Molly Cutler, Columbia TC

8. The Generation Connection: (Summer 2013)

8.1. Crossword Puzzle Tourney 12.8.12

8.1.1. Media Literacy Lecture Culminating w/TGC ML Video (20min) AUDIENCE: grown-ups out of school lifelong learners, Vandy, homeless POLL: Where do you get your info? poll anywhere: 1) I know an unbiased media source that I trust will be free of opinion, and has no agenda other to inform me with objective facts. 2) I used to trust my news sources, but since the Internet, and the advent of the 24hr cable news cycle, I don't have a go-to trusted objective news source, 3) I don't trust any of them, and I figure out the truth on my own. The Media Spot/NAMLE Intro K-12 Schools in NYC TGC embedded in camp & Hume Fogg National Movement Belcourt lady: Allison Inman Elizabeth from Hume Fogg explain what's happening at Hume Fogg Define Media Literacy basic definition where it is applied NAMLE's key questions Explore Examples show info graphic of the matrix of media outlets & return to the opening POLL Example: news (election?) Example: advertising (superbowl?) Example: citizen-producers potential aids/activities clip from thenewsroom of the "dark arts" PBS media quiz or another poll anywhere poll of opinions Teague/AV guy at the Library

8.1.2. Screening Wordplay at Belcourt

8.1.3. TGC rep at the registration table w/videos looping

8.1.4. Get a TGC Team in the Tourney

8.1.5. Will Shortz Promo

8.2. Hume Fogg

8.2.1. "50 forward" seniors -- get this approved as a 50forward activity

8.2.2. background checks

8.2.3. next door to Library

8.3. Spring Camp

8.3.1. 2nd week of Spring Break March 25-29 8:30am-4:30pm

8.3.2. clip formats PSAs for each community org or business community garden bike shop How-to Videos demonstrate proper running form cooking pizza growing veggies/picking veggies harvesting on farm building a fire Clear format and Purpose for all videos Preselect topics, let kids fill out the format as they experience the activity, then leave time to film it at the end.

8.3.3. camp activites Running Store Day Bike Trip to Lockeland Springs Lockeland Table (pizza making) Outward Bound in the Neighborhood Night on Wed/Thurs Rock & Refuge Farm (Chaperones) guy with boat that cleans up river

8.3.4. themes Service project theme Not as much travelling Short videos w/clear purpose (PSAs, or How-to)

8.4. Summer Camp

8.4.1. week after July 4th

8.5. Website

8.6. Hume Fogg/Library/TGC Workshop Series

8.6.1. preliminary project with HF & Seniors

8.6.2. HF kids & Seniors are facilitators

8.6.3. Production workshop

9. NYCDOE Schools


9.1.1. 32

9.1.2. 204

9.1.3. 334

9.1.4. 9

9.1.5. Harlem Ren

9.1.6. 77

9.1.7. LESP

9.2. TMS

9.2.1. Soundview

9.2.2. BSI

9.2.3. 62

9.2.4. TAOTS

9.2.5. PS 130

9.2.6. 222

9.3. Digital School Solutions

9.3.1. lead consultant

9.3.2. $850 rate

10. Confratute at UCONN

10.1. Keynote Speakers

10.2. Renzullis run it

10.3. Workshops

10.4. Blended opportunities

11. Google/Media Literacy Ed Pitch

11.1. I'm proliferating Google apps to teachers

11.2. why not build in media literacy theory at the core of Google Apps rollout? International humanitarian public responsibility?

11.3. It doesn't come with a manual of how to embed it in your curriculum, and I've got a good jump on it.