The DO' (What You Should Do)

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The DO' (What You Should Do) by Mind Map: The DO' (What You Should Do)

1. Pardon me

2. Good Morning

3. Greet people or your guets properly

3.1. Good Afternoon

3.1.1. How are you?

3.2. Etc

4. say "please" when asking to do something

4.1. At the end of a request with could, can and would

4.2. At the beginning or in the middle

5. say "thank you" as often as necessary

5.1. When you are receiving a compliment

5.2. When you are running late

5.3. when you are comforting someone

5.4. when you are receiving helpful feedback

6. Say "excuse me"

6.1. To get someone' attention

6.2. To interrupt someone

6.3. To ask someone to move

6.4. To ask someone to repeat

7. Say "Sorry"

7.1. My apologies

7.2. Excuse me

7.3. Mea culpa

7.4. Oops

7.5. My bad

8. Wear proper outfits to suit the situation

8.1. Muslim

8.1.1. Veir (Long Hijab)

8.1.2. Niqab

8.2. Non Muslim

8.2.1. Long dress without headgear

9. Praise or compliment guests

9.1. Physical appearance

9.2. Body

9.3. Chothing

9.4. Hair

9.5. Make up

9.6. Style

9.6.1. You look great in your batik dress

10. Be honest

10.1. Honesty is the best policy

10.2. No one likes lie

11. Be yourself