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Develpment by Mind Map: Develpment

1. Principles of Development

1.1. Different People Different Goals

1.2. Different People Conflicting Goals

1.3. Mixed Goals

1.3.1. Material Goals - for example Money, Property Etc.

1.3.2. Non- Material Goals- Respect, Freedom, Equality etc.

2. National Development.

2.1. IMR:- Infant Mortality Rate, LR:- Literacy Rate, NAR:- Net Attendance Ratio, LE:- Life Expectancy, HDI:- Human Development Index.

2.2. Public Facilities

2.3. Per Capital Income

2.3.1. Limitation Does not tell how income is distributed among the people.

2.3.2. Rich Country US$ 12616/annum

2.3.3. Poor Country US$ 1035/annum

3. Sustainable Develpment

3.1. Resources

3.1.1. Renewable:- like, Solar energy, Wind energy etc

3.1.2. Non- Renewable:- like, natural gas, oil, coal etc