Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose.

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Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose. by Mind Map: Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose.

1. Construction

1.1. Resources

1.1.1. materials for building shelter

1.1.2. materials for building tools

1.1.3. materials for building utensils, furniture

1.1.4. materials for creating fire

1.2. Purpose

1.2.1. to improve quality of life

1.2.2. to feel safe what does your home mean to you? what is it made of?

1.2.3. to provide shelter from weather

2. Creating

2.1. Paint

2.1.1. artworks

2.1.2. traditional dance and song ceremony

2.1.3. resources coloured rocks water

2.2. Basket weaving

2.2.1. Arnhem Land

2.2.2. tradition

2.3. Sewing

2.3.1. making clothes

2.3.2. art fabrics

3. Sustainability

3.1. problems

3.1.1. using land for food

3.1.2. using land for materials

3.1.3. hunting native animals

3.1.4. human waste

3.2. solutions

3.2.1. informed land management bush fire management

3.2.2. caring for Country Country is a living relative

3.3. who?

3.3.1. indigenous communities

3.3.2. tourists

3.3.3. government

3.3.4. future generations (you!) why is this important?

4. Hunting

4.1. Resources

4.1.1. materials from the natural environment to combine for hafting (making tools)

4.1.2. waterways, landscapes where animals live and grow

4.1.3. animals and plants

4.1.4. fire and materials to cook and eat

4.2. Purpose

4.2.1. to maintain nutrition

4.2.2. to be skilled to catch and cook own food have you gone fishing or hunting? do you live on a farm?

4.2.3. to be knowledgeable and confident in using these practices

5. Understand

5.1. Respect

5.1.1. our environment

5.1.2. differing views

5.1.3. other people's property

5.2. Reflect

5.2.1. students reflect on how they might perform a task differently to others.

6. Culture

6.1. different people have different ways of doing things

6.2. things mean different things to all different people

6.2.1. can you think of an example?

6.3. one persons trash is another's treasure