The Journey of a Vegabond to Digital Marketing

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Journey by Mind Map: Journey

1. Birth

1.1. Childhood

1.1.1. dreams

1.1.2. Execution of dreams

2. Vriety of Places

2.1. Effects of surrounding atmosphere

3. Adulthood

3.1. Choosing a Carreer

3.2. Transition from dreams to real world

3.3. Change in plans

3.4. New Horizons

3.4.1. Preparing for survival by choosing new path

3.4.2. Completion of course

3.4.3. Struggle to find a job

3.4.4. Esential Responsibilities

3.4.5. To Prove yourself in dog eats dog world

3.4.6. Service Completion of Min Reqd. Time period Retired

3.4.7. Journey after retirement Digital Marketing Course Stisfaction achieved