Identify A Problem Assignment

Trauma Informed Practice in Education

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Identify A Problem Assignment by Mind Map: Identify A Problem Assignment

1. Lack of coordinated approach within schools/districts with regard to counseling and psychological services. (Naik p.66-67)

2. Definitions of Achievement and student success

2.1. Standardized testing

2.1.1. Admin trying to keep up with state requirements (Stearns, pp. 23-24)

2.2. Compliance/behavior

2.3. Relational connection & self esteem

2.3.1. How can teachers make space for students to have a voice and affective expression while maintaining safety? (Stearns, p. 25)

3. Lack of empirically researched and generally adopted frameworks for classroom use. (Thomas et al pp. 423,441 2019)

3.1. variation of type of resources provided by DOE websites (p. 425)

3.2. Research specific to education began around 2012 (p. 442)

3.3. Trauma informed interventions list (pp. 442-443)

3.4. Levels of adversity facing youth are "ever-increasing" (p.445)

3.5. No consistent determination of effectiveness of TIP (p. 443)

4. Problematic/harmful philosophical lenses

4.1. Deficit mentality

4.1.1. Thomas et al (pp. 446-447

4.1.2. Winninghoff, 2020, pp. 37-38

4.2. Blaming students/cultures

5. Trauma's effects on cognition and brain development

6. Implementations


6.1.1. Tomas et al, 2019, pp. 426-427