The Benefits of Ayurveda

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The Benefits of Ayurveda by Mind Map: The Benefits of Ayurveda

1. How much do you know about Ayurveda?

1.1. Type 1 in the chat if you are quite new to Ayurveda (Beginner)

1.2. Type 2 in the chat if you have some experience with Ayurveda

1.3. Type 3 in the chat if you consider yourself an expert

2. How would you like Ayurveda to benefit your life?

2.1. ...

2.2. What would you be willing to do to keep or regain good health?

2.2.1. “I am comfortable with my diet and lifestyle.”

2.2.2. “I am ready to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle to benefit my health”

2.2.3. “I want to follow all the guidelines for sustainable health”

3. Webinar Content

3.1. What is Ayurveda?

3.1.1. Introduction to Ayurveda

3.1.2. What are you looking for? Why Ayurveda? Health & happiness!

3.1.3. The oldest system of medicine in the world: origin and relevance in present era - time tested

3.1.4. What makes it unique? Holistic - Defining health in Ayurvedic way Promotion and prevention Addresses root cause Tailor-made for you Importance to the diet and lifestyle No side-effects

3.2. The 5 elements and the Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

3.2.1. What are the five elements? Why should you know about them?

3.2.2. What is Vata, Pitta and Kapha?

3.2.3. What are three mental tendencies and their importance

3.2.4. What is the role of Doshas in health and ill-health?

3.3. Body type and imbalances

3.3.1. Prakriti - your natural state of being Single Dosha dominant Two Doshas dominant All the three equally dominant

3.3.2. Why you should know your body-type? 1. Promotion and prevention - Routines 2. Know your physical and mental strengths 3. Know disease tendencies 4. Improve your relationships 5. Choose right career for yourself

3.3.3. What is an imbalance? How does it happen?

3.3.4. How to go back to balance? 1. Diet corrections - adding healthy and removing unhealthy 2. Lifestyle corrections - exercises, breath work, self-massages, herbs 3. Balancing the mind with meditation 4. Educating yourself into what you are and what suits you best

4. Experiencing the benefits of Ayurveda

4.1. Take control of your life!

4.2. Practicing Ayurveda is not a rocket science

4.3. The best way? Learning!

4.3.1. Invitation to our next Workshops The Science of Nutrition Beautiful Inside Out - lifestyle and routines

5. Conclusion

5.1. We hope you could take something useful out of this webinar

5.2. Our tech support has shared a link in the chat for registration, you may register now with a special promotion

5.3. Ayurveda is your health insurance. It keeps you healthy and happy. We at Sri Sri Tattva are here for you, to guide you to your individual health. Our team is at your service.

5.4. Questions?

5.4.1. Don't leave the Webinar, our tech team will give more instructions if you want to register for any of our workshops or private consultation with Ayurveda Expert You will receive this presentation and more information in the e-mail in the next 10 minutes.