Edirne Yeniimaret Neighborhood

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Edirne Yeniimaret Neighborhood by Mind Map: Edirne Yeniimaret Neighborhood

1. Crisis: Urban Design

1.1. -too dirty

1.2. -too many sloppy houses

1.3. -scary areas

1.4. neighbors are incompatible

2. This neighborhood needs:

2.1. -unity

2.2. -safer areas

2.3. -creative fixing

2.4. -cleaning

3. Solution:

3.1. Community called Unity of Concerned Neighbors

3.1.1. Neighbors will be united for their neighborhoods

3.1.2. They will fix cracks and clean dirty areas

3.1.3. Building for the community: UCN Building -meetings -playground for kids -creates bright areas for safety modern design for neighborhood to be more approachable Program: meeting room therapy room lighting poles swings benches an annex for garbage collecting and disposal