Technology Intergration

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Technology Intergration by Mind Map: Technology Intergration

1. Authentic Engagement

1.1. Liz Kolb states that, "Engagements in learning goals is different than engagement in using a tool or website."

1.2. The Triple E Framework

1.2.1. "Engagement of learning goals" How the student is focused on the learning goal while using the technology. "Time-on-task" and social engagement through "co-use" or "co-engagement"

1.2.2. "Enhancement of learning goals" How are they learning and understanding through the tech tool? Active learning not swiping

1.2.3. Extension of learning goals" This is where we will see the students take what they learned in use it in a manner that is beneficial in everyday life. You can see this played out in the edutopia video with increasing the stamina of the cheerleaders, students graphing real data like it is made in the real world. This give students that connection in seeing why and how they can apply their learning to life after school. (Commitment to High Tech Education)

2. Mistakes Teachers Make, Including Myself

2.1. Right from the start Kplb clearly states what many of us may have done when it comes to using technology in our classrooms, "rarely having them reflect on their learning experiences within the software" with their peers (Kolb, pg. 3)

2.1.1. This year with having the students being virtual and socially distanced within the classroom has shown how learning takes place place when students are social in communicating their learning with their peers. The tools are where the students can practice their skills but they are not what is necessarily giving them the knowledge that they need. This statement really spoke to me in reflecting upon my own classroom practice with technology, "I had to allow the content learning goals to come before the technology choices, thus enabling technology to support the learning." (Kolb, pg. 3)

3. Instructional Strategies (Kolb, pg. 11)

3.1. ID learning goals

3.2. "Choose methods around tech tools that are relevant to objectives, tech selected, learning styles, and modes/pace of learning."

3.3. "Design rich and authentic contenxt around use of tech that is dynamic and menaingful to students."

3.4. "Design instruction w/tech tools that provide students opportunity " to think deeper.

4. Students Background Knowledge and Use

4.1. Make sure they are familiar with the tools.

4.2. Provide videos/tutorials for parents so they can properly know how to engage with the students' learning with the tools being used.