Initial Interview

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Initial Interview by Mind Map: Initial Interview

1. Wound & Motivation

1.1. If you could change or tweak anything about your current assignment, what would that be? (more or less of something)

1.2. What could your current company do to make you stay?

2. Major Accomplishments

2.1. What would you consider your major accomplishments?

2.2. In what ways are you most valuable to your firm?

2.2.1. What do you feel are your strengths?

2.3. What have you done that has caused your department or company to increase revenues?

2.3.1. What have you done that has saved time or increased workflow?

3. Current Responsibilities

3.1. Describe the projects you work on.

3.1.1. How big (size & $) are they?

3.1.2. Get examples of projects (from concept to completion?)

3.2. Tell me about you business development experience?

3.2.1. What specifically are you responsible for in terms of BD? Finding leads, repeat business, proposals, presentations, chasing large pursuits.

3.2.2. What are you responsible for bringing in annually?

3.3. What is your title?

3.3.1. How long have you had this title?

3.3.2. To whom do you report?

3.3.3. Do you oversee any people? If so how many and what types of people are they? (engineers, BD staff, tech's, etc.)

3.4. Who are your clients?

3.5. How long have you been at (company)?

3.5.1. Walk me through your progression with (company) starting from the beginning leading me up to your current responsibilities.

4. Education/Training

4.1. What is your educational background? (degree, year graduated, school attended)

4.2. When did you get your registration and what is it?

5. Location Preferences

5.1. Are you willing to relocate?

5.2. Commute time

5.2.1. Current and what are you willing to do?

6. Salary & Benefits

6.1. What is your annual base salary?

6.2. What is your average annual bonus?

6.2.1. How is it structured?

6.3. What other benefits are important to you? (vacation, 401 (k), healthcare, dental, vision, car, cell etc.)

7. Additional Questions

7.1. Do you have a non-compete agreement? Please describe what it entails.

7.2. What companies have you interviewed with recently?

7.2.1. How recently?

7.2.2. With whom did you speak with and what was the result?

7.3. What companies do you respect that do what you do (competitors, teaming partners)?

7.3.1. Are there firms for whom you wouldn't consider working? why?