Intermittent fasting

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Intermittent fasting by Mind Map: Intermittent fasting

1. for living a long life

2. what is it

2.1. it is cycle between eating & fasting

2.2. for example leaving breakfast & eating your lunch direactly

3. Why it is required

3.1. it reduces blood sugar level & insulin of the body

3.2. it helps in losing weight

3.3. for Metabolic Health benefits

3.4. it is the latest style trend

4. Types of intermittent fasting

4.1. 16/8method means 16 hours fasting in a day

4.2. Eat -Stop -Eat for example last night dinner to next day dinner

4.3. 5/2 Diet means taking about 500-600 Calories in 2 days of Week

5. Not good for

5.1. Taking medications

5.2. Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women

5.3. Women trying to conceive

5.4. Underweight

5.5. people with low Blood pressuer

5.6. Have diabetes

5.7. People with an eating disorder

5.8. Not fit for women as it worsened the blood sugar level