Extracting DNA from bananas

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Extracting DNA from bananas by Mind Map: Extracting DNA from bananas


1.1. Step 1: Cell membrane lysis

1.1.1. •extraction solution: (salt, liquid soap and distilled water) • Cut the banana and meet it with the extraction solution and mix • Reheat the dough and then chill the mixture on ice. • With a colander, collect the filtrate in a small beaker.

1.2. Step 2: Proteins digestion

1.2.1. • Add pineapple juice to the filtrate and mix. • Incubate at room temperature

1.3. Step 3: DNA precipitation

1.4. • Add cold ethyl alcohol


2.1. (The extraction solution & the banana) = homogeneous solution the mixture in a double boiler = the banana has become darker and has decomposed into small pieces

2.1.1. pineapple juice in the filtrate (did not change anything) but acted the activity of bromelain

2.1.2. With cold ethyl alcohol, = a withe material in the down deep of the test tube. (DNA)


3.1. 1 banana distilled water (or tap water) clear, colorless liquid soap salt (sodium chloride) pineapple juice (1 ml) – containing bromeline Cold Ethyl alcohol Mortar and pestle Spatulas Colander Beakers Test tubes Heating hot plate Pipette Pipetting ball (Peleus ball)