what is technology ?

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what is technology ? by Mind Map: what is technology ?

1. what I thought before

1.1. Electronics devices

1.1.1. telecommunications

1.1.2. Transportations

1.1.3. Internet

1.1.4. Robots

2. what I learned

2.1. It is a structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment (Isman, 2012, 208)

2.2. understanding technology from the History

2.2.1. issues that historians now discuss in terms of technology were framed in such terms as useful arts, manufacturing, industry, invention, applied science, and the machine" (Schatzberg, 2006, p. 486).

2.3. not necessarily to be complicated

2.3.1. pen t

2.3.2. table

2.3.3. chair

2.4. Two components 1- Physical 2- Informational

2.4.1. According to Kumar, Kumar , & Persuad (1999) "technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component which comprises of items such as products, tooling, equipments, blueprints, techniques, and processes; and 2) the informational component which consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas"

3. What I think now

3.1. Any tool or item that makes our life easier

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