Validity and Reliability

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Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Validity and Reliability

1. Content Validity Evidence

1.1. Inspecting test questions

1.1.1. Task 1

1.1.2. Task 2

1.2. Looks valid

1.2.1. Call 1

1.2.2. Call 2

1.3. Should corresponds what the user wants to be covered

1.3.1. Meeting 1

1.3.2. Meeting 2

2. Criterion-related evidence

2.1. Scores from a test are correlated with an external criterion

2.2. Concurrent

2.2.1. Deals with measures to be validated

2.2.2. Compare an old test with a new test being given

2.3. Predictive Validity Evidence

2.3.1. A prediction of success

2.3.2. Examples: SAT's

3. Reliability

3.1. Consistency of test given more than once.

3.2. A test is reliable if the scores are the same after taken over a period of time.

3.2.1. Helps in Placement decisions

3.2.2. Helps determine diffivulty level of instruction.

3.3. Estimate reliability

3.3.1. test and retest

3.3.2. compare scores

3.4. Alternate forms

3.4.1. Two forms of equalivant test

3.4.2. students can not memorize

4. Construct Validity Evidence

4.1. Information that corresponds with a theory.

4.1.1. Results corresponds to what you would expect.

5. Internal consistency

5.1. Test one question of a basic concept.

5.2. If results is correct we assume that similar questions will also be right.