Summary chapter 5,6,7 english Nazwa Syaidini X IPS 3

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Summary chapter 5,6,7 english Nazwa Syaidini X IPS 3 by Mind Map: Summary chapter 5,6,7 english                     Nazwa Syaidini                 X IPS 3

1. Chapter 5-Recount text

1.1. Recount text is a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. Its purpose is to entertain or informing the reader

1.2. The purpose of this recount text is to retell a true story in the past as well as to entertain the reader.

1.3. Generic structure of Recount text 1.orientation 3.reorientation

1.4. Type of Recount text 1.personal recount 2.historical recount 3.biography recount 4.factual recount 5.imaginative recount

1.5. The Characteristics / Language Feature of Recount Text – Using the simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense. – Using temporal sequence, e.g. On Saturday. On Monday, On Sunday – Focus on specific participant, e.g. I (the writer) – Using the conjunctions, such as: then, before, after, etc. – Using action verd, e.g. went, stayed

2. Chapter 6-Advertisement text

2.1. advertisement text is a public announcement commonly found in a newspaper, television, or internet advertising. Sometimes it is about a product, services, or an event for sale.

2.2. The purpose of the advertisement text is to invite listeners or readers to buy or use the goods or services offered in the advertisement.

2.3. Kinds of Advertisement 1.printed advertisement 1. 2.Advertorial 3.Display Advertisement 4.Electronic Advertisemen

2.4. Generic Structure of Advertisement 1.Purpose: purpose built of the advertisement. 2.Name of product: product names in advertising. 3.User: user of the product.

2.5. Language Features of Advertisement When we want to make an advertisement, we have to know some Language Features of Advertisement, they are: The choice of words used related to necessary information. The choice of words used to indicate the target The choice of words used is precise, logical, and courteous. The choice of words used have a suggestion for the audience.

3. Chapter 7-Report text

3.1. Report text which presents information about something, as it is and as a result of systematic observation and analysis.

3.2. The FUNCTION Of REPORT TEXT to provide information about natural and non natural phenomena.

3.3. The purpose of the report text is to describe and classify information. text report has a series of logical truth It stated the facts without personal involvement.

3.4. Generic Structure of Report text 1. Title . 2. General classification 3. Description

3.5. Language Feature of Report text Using simple present tense , except when it is past then use the simple past tense. text