explanation text

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explanation text by Mind Map: explanation text

1. generic structure of explanation text

1.1. 1 General stalement General statement stating the phenomenon issues which are to be exolained. 2 Sequenced of explanation Sequenced expianation, stating a senes of steps which explain the phonomena

2. purpose of explanation text

2.1. Explanation Is a text which tells processes relating to forming of natural, social, scientilic, and cultural phenomena To explain how or why something happens

3. languange features of explanation text

3.1. •Featuring genenc paricipant sun, rain. elc •Using chronological connection to begin with, next. etc •Using passive volce pattern The passive voice is focusing on the person or object that expenences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action •Using simple present tense •Lintang words. FirsL second. nexl moreover. furthermore, lastly. hovever •Action vords lays, rest, hit, atc •Technical terms metamorphosis, vegatation. eruptions.etc. •Cause and effect terme : because caused. by, resulted In

4. definition

4.1. Explanation is a text yhich tells processes relating to forming of natural. social. scientifc and cultural phenomena. Explanation texd is to say why and Thow of the forming of the phenomena. Il is ofen found in science. geography and history lext books.

5. types of explanation text

5.1. 1.Sequential Expianation An expianation text that shows a process. a series of steps. and an order of events. 2.Cause end Ellect Expianation An expianation text that shovs an action and reaction