Classroom Apps

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Classroom Apps by Mind Map: Classroom Apps

1. Revision

1.1. Quizlet- create flashcards and self quizzes- notes can be made in class on flashcards to be reviewed later

1.2. Mindmeister- create concept maps. Link to quizzlet stacks

1.3. Wolfram alpha-Computational intelligence- Many curriculum areas - general knowledge, finds solutions to questions, Artificial intelligence

2. General work products

2.1. Microsoft Word- general work- learn formatting- life long skill

2.2. Microsoft Excel- learn database construction, interrogation, and plotting, report presentation. graph description

2.3. Snip it Tool- allows screen shots and editing- life long skill

2.4. Microsoft Powerpoint- simple image manipulation, quick presentations

2.5. Youtube- examples in class

2.6. Adobe photoshop- lifelong skill

2.7. Learning management system- such as Google classroom

3. Chemistry

3.1. Periodic table- teacher can set tasks for individuals who can use app to find info and teach class

3.2. Equate Formula Solver-formulae for maths , chemistry and physics

3.3. Building Atoms, Ions and Isotopes-interactive making of isoptopes

4. Biology

4.1. Climate watch- citizen science attached to Atlas of Living Australia

4.2. Labster- virtual laboratory with simulations

4.3. Bioblox 2D- docking game like "Tetris"but using medical molecules

4.4. The Waterbug App - Identify water bugs in the field using smartphone

4.5. Vision Learning - Content information, quizzes and additional resources