Creative Writing

Grundei EDU 570 3-1 Assignment: Appling UDL

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Creative Writing by Mind Map: Creative Writing

1. I will give my students opportunities to draw real-life correlations to their learning and be able to peer teach what they have learned. I will motivate my students by building strong relationships of trust and respect. A classroom community where students can feel safe. I will set clear expectations and goals and offer incentives in the learning environment.

1.1. Student Motivation

2. My student will do daily warm-ups, journals, exit tickets, and peer teachings as evidence for comprehension of unit concepts for the creative writing unit. I will also have students turn in daily writings assesments of their progress on their stories to determine comprehension.

2.1. Demonstration of Comprehension

3. I will be using computers, videos, and hands-on concept mapping guides to teach my students a lesson on creative writing. Students will understand the writing process and be able to use the process to create own stories and poems using the platform

3.1. Lesson Presentation