Legalities and Funding in Special Education

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Legalities and Funding in Special Education by Mind Map: Legalities and Funding in Special Education

1. International Policies

1.1. UN Rights of Persons with Disabilities

1.1.1. Enables persons with disabilities to attain maximum independence and ability Duty to accommodate

2. Federal Policies

2.1. Foundation Grant: every board has basic funding

2.1.1. The Special Educations Grant: provides additional funding Special Education Per Pupil Amount, High Needs Amount, Special Equipment Amount, Special Incidence Portion, Behaviour Expertise, and Facilities Amount

2.2. Our thoughts:

2.2.1. Surprised at the amount of funding Where does the funding go?

2.3. Our suggestions for the funds:

2.3.1. Use them to fund assessments for families that can't afford them

3. Ministry of Education Ontario: PPMs most applicable to us

3.1. PPM 8: Definition of the terms learning disability and program planning for LDs in it

3.1.1. PPM 11: Early identification of children's learning needs

3.2. PPM 59: Psychological testing and assessment

3.2.1. PPM 140: Incorporate ABA methods into programming

4. What we learned about Special Education Advisory Committees

4.1. Meet once a month

4.2. Ensures that special education programs and services are provided without payments

4.3. Reviews financial statements

4.4. Provides the members and their alternates with information

4.5. Local associations are represented

4.6. Parents pay out pocket for resources