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1. Steps that we can do in phenomenology

1.1. -Data-gathering methods. -Data-storage methods are outlined. -Explanation of the explicitation of the data.

1.2. -Synopsis of the research paradigm. -Description of the locating of the research participants.

2. To ensure ethical research, we have to inform:

2.1. -They are participants in research. -The purpose of the research -The procedures -The risk and benefits -The procedures used to protect confidentiality

3. Explicitation of the data

3.1. Explicitation means to keep the context of the whole phenomenon in the investigation.

3.1.1. Process Bracketing – delineating – clustering – summarizing - extracting.

4. Gatherig Methods

4.1. -Unstructed in depth phenomenological interviews. -mamoining -Essays

4.1.1. Data Storing Methods -Audio Recorded -Field Notes

5. What is it?

5.1. Phenomenology is concerned with the lived experiences of the people.

5.2. It starts with the selection of the topic. problem or area of interest.