What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. What I thought technology was before?

2. It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” Clive James, Broadcaster and Journalist. (kerridgecs,2021)

3. I thought that technologies are just laptop, phones, tablets, television and video games

4. What do you think technology is now? How have your ideas changed?

4.1. I think technology nowadays has a huge impact on how we think, learn, and communicate. Technology shares with society and influences how we interact on a daily basis. (Mickeel Allen, 2019).

4.2. My ideas have changed from personally experiencing with technology such as doing first year of college all online, connecting and meeting new people online and doing a lot of research in technologies.

5. Why do we need new technologies?

5.1. We need new technologies is that it has made our lives easier. For example, technology has the ability to make families or businesses feel safer by having many software and security devices able to protect our home when we are not home and protect our financial data. (guyandtheblog,2017)

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7. Conclusion