terror to the public(french revolution)

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terror to the public(french revolution) by Mind Map: terror to the public(french revolution)

1. this lead to a substiance crisis among the citizens

2. terror of ecomic crisis

2.1. committe tried to stop the rise in the prices by setting a maximum amount

2.1.1. prices for forty goods like corn , flour etc stayed fix major penalty was given to those who tried to sell above maximum pricing

2.2. the king louis the 16th had set up high taxes

2.2.1. people had a hard time paying taxes because of the higher amounts and seeing the cruality of the king they stated " the more you give the more the devil wants "

2.3. there was a bad harvest

2.3.1. poor citizens had problems buying food

3. terror of discrimination

3.1. there were three different castes

3.1.1. clergy ( 1 st estate )

3.1.2. nobility ( 2 nd estate )

3.1.3. 3 rd estate differnce in caste made the 3 rd estate have a hard time since they were not treated right and at the same time were expected to give out huge amounts of taxes

4. politics

4.1. france becomes a constitutional monarchy

4.1.1. judiciary people in command of the laws and order

4.1.2. executive king and his ministers

4.1.3. legislature active voters vote for electors electors vote for the 745 members of national assembly