Similarities & Differences of Organisations

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Similarities & Differences of Organisations by Mind Map: Similarities & Differences of Organisations

1. Organisational Type (cont)

1.1. Is ownership public, private or is it in the third sector. What does this mean for their primary objective?

1.2. What's their customer focus, is it B2B or B2C?

1.3. What are the routes to market/channels? Online, retail, blended?

1.4. What is the reach? Does it operate globally, nationally, regionally or locally?

1.5. What is the age of the business? Is it start up, immature or mature?

2. Organisational Structure

2.1. Is this an entrepreneurial or simple structure, machine, professional, divisional, innovative or an adhocracy?

3. Learning Philosophy

3.1. Is there a learning philosophy, does the business have a 'WHY' do we have learning.

3.2. What are we trying to achieve through learning practices?

3.3. Who are we designing this for and how should that change the development of the proposition?

3.4. What are the modes of delivery required?

3.5. Who is responsible for design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation?

4. Golden Thread

4.1. What is the organisations mission, its vision. Is there clarity of purpose?

4.2. Is there a clearly defined strategy, a business plan in which all teams know how they contribute to the achievement of objectives?

4.3. Does the L&D team understand the golden thread and develop the learning strategy to align with this?

5. Organisation Type

5.1. What is the makeup of the employee population? Are they white collar, blue collar, office based, remote or a mixture

5.2. Is it dynamic, adaptive or static?

5.3. What is production focus, do they offer physical products or services?