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Learn Google Analytics by Mind Map: Learn Google Analytics

1. Week-1

1.1. Introduction of Google Analytics

1.1.1. What is google analytics

1.1.2. Why is Google Analytics needed for online Business

2. Week-2

2.1. Installation & Set up

2.1.1. Genrate the tracking Code

2.1.2. Embed Google analytics with website through Plugin

2.1.3. Embed Google Analytics with website through GTM

2.1.4. Understanding on Users, Session, Events, Bounce rate, Metrics & Dimension

3. Week-3

3.1. Reports Analysis

3.1.1. Real Time Report Analysis

3.1.2. Audience Report Analysis

3.1.3. Acquisition Report Analysis

3.1.4. Behavior Report Analysis

4. Week-4

4.1. Dashboard

4.1.1. Understanding of default Dasboard

4.1.2. How to create custom Dashboard

5. Week-5

5.1. Goals And Conversion

5.1.1. How to make Funnels

5.1.2. How to make Goals

5.1.3. How to track conversions

6. Week-6

6.1. Segmentation and Filter

6.1.1. How to create Segments

6.1.2. How to create view and add filter

7. Week-7

7.1. Integration

7.1.1. Integration of Google analytics with Search Console

7.1.2. Integration with Google Ads

7.1.3. Integration with Other App like Mailchimp

8. Week-8

8.1. Attribution Models

8.1.1. Understanding of 4 attribution models

8.1.2. Benefit of Attribution models

8.1.3. How to create it

9. Bonus Week-1

9.1. How to create remarketing Audience

9.2. How to do Cohort Analysis

10. Bonus Week-2

10.1. How to earn Advance Google Analytics Certificate from Google Platform