What are language habits reveal

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What are language habits reveal by Mind Map: What are language habits reveal

1. Language emerges from human minds interacting with each other.

2. Vissible unstoppable change in language through: slang, jargon, historical change, dialect divergence, language formation.

3. Verbs- Which verbs goes in which construction depends on whether they specify a kind of montion or a kind of possesion change.

3.1. Use of space in a metaphor.

3.1.1. Use of force as a metapho.r

4. The bigger picture- Human intelligence consists of a repertoire of concepts: objects, space, time, causation, intention. Useful in a social knowledge-intensive species.

4.1. A process of metaphorical abstraction, conceptual structure bleached of it's content applied to new, abstract domains.

4.1.1. Convey the actual context. Negotiate and maintain relationships.