Parts of speech (examples)

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Parts of speech (examples) by Mind Map: Parts of speech (examples)

1. Examples: Ouch, wow, well, oh, eww, oops

2. Examples: Slowny, quietly, sharply, weakly, easily, very, always, never, too, wellq, tomorrow, here.

2.1. /Yestesrday, i walked to school quickly. /I arrived too early

3. Examples: angie, cat, New york, Germany, teach. chair, friendship, peace, snow, holiday, fireplace.

3.1. / julia is visiting scotland / jake and pride in is team

4. Examples: go, snore, run, eat, play, live, walk, have, like, are, is, listen, jump, think, guess, imagine.

4.1. /Jerermy skipped down the hallway /I wonder if it will rain today

5. Noun

6. Pronoun

7. Examples: I, you, we, they, he, she, it, me, us, them, him, her, this, those.

7.1. /Evan is hungry. He wants to eat dinner soon. /Angie and Emma are bored today. They can't wait to go to the circus tomorrow.

8. Verb

9. Adjetive

10. Examples: giant, happy, purple, young, lazy, cold, beatiful, adorable, easy, famous.

10.1. / Megan held the tiny orange kitten. / The math test was challenging.

11. Adverb

12. Preposition

13. Examples: at, on, in, from, with, for, near, between, about, under, about, behind.

13.1. /Lleft my homework on the bus. /The gas station is near the grocery store

14. Conjuntion

15. Examples: for, and, or, but, yet, so, because, unless.

15.1. /I was exhaused, but i still finished the race. /Roses and daisies are my favorite flowers.

16. Interjetion

17. /Phew! passed my English test. /0h, you should have seen the rainbow!