Memory Concept Map

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Memory Concept Map by Mind Map: Memory Concept Map

1. I remember that in 4th grade I wanted to be a detective, so I stayed in during recess to try to solve crimes.

1.1. Cognitive Hooks

1.1.1. When I hear detective or 4th grade

1.2. Sensory Connections

1.2.1. Chapstick - Our teacher always had to give us Chapstick because we had chapped lips.

1.2.2. Books - I read a lot in 4th grade and they sometimes remind me of that time.

1.3. Memory Fragments

1.3.1. I remember that out teacher didn't want us staying inside and eventually forced up to go and play outside

1.4. Reconstruction or Reconsolidation Errors

1.4.1. I think that my friend and I wanted to be detectives because someone stole something in our class. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that it kept getting overexaggerated.

1.5. Declarative Memory

1.5.1. This is an example of episodic memory