Benefits of practicing Art and Craft

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Benefits of practicing Art and Craft by Mind Map: Benefits of practicing Art and Craft

1. Introduction

1.1. Who is this for

1.2. Introduction to artforms

2. Body

2.1. Confidence booster

2.1.1. improves vocabulary

2.1.2. decision making

2.2. Connects with nature and culture

2.2.1. inspiration drawn from nature and day-to-day life

2.2.2. Tradition beliefs and values are passed on from one generation to the next

2.3. Helps to express in a better way

2.3.1. Art/Craft are better way of non verbal communication

2.3.2. Complexities can be expressed easily

2.4. Developes Creative thinking

2.4.1. Problem solving

2.4.2. Out of the box thinking

2.4.3. Increases focus and observation

2.5. Enhances Social skills

2.5.1. makes friends

2.5.2. learns to work in a team

2.5.3. improves tolerance

2.6. Better utilization of available time

2.6.1. best option if outdoor activities are not possible

2.6.2. helps them reduce screen time

3. Conclusion

3.1. Summary

3.2. Call to action