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Aladdin Factor by Mind Map: Aladdin Factor

1. Tasks

1.1. Make a list of 101 wishes.

1.1.1. I wish for a franchise of places that cure cancel, specific healing rooms all across the country We Cure Cancer

1.1.2. I wish for a Dove Award

1.1.3. I wish for the ideal mate - Accent - Australia - Proverbs 31

1.1.4. I wish for a house like this only better and in Australia

1.1.5. I wish for a purchased condo in Hawaii in the Trump tower to rent out to whoever

1.1.6. I wish to gather a ton of money and invest it in Dinar right before it vaues

1.1.7. I wish to have the best physical workout schedule with flexibility and stick to it align with getting the best groceries and supplements.

1.1.8. Long Term Interview world's prayer authority Create the Conglomeration of Christian Record Labels Develop the Prayer Accounts with Peter's software Install the new front for the Global Prayer Towers Establish Prayer Furnace as being apart of the Global Prayer Towers Develop top Christian Shopping Cart

1.1.9. Intermediate Fill out tons of Small Business Forms via Mind-Map and share with Team Map out the best entrepreneur websites Join an entrepreneur's club like Young Presidents Finish Life Exercises Gather Tony Robbins Goal Setting Exercise Stuff and add to here Build off of all of the Goal Setting and use Mind Mapping and Creative Thinking to work all the way through Finish Destiny map and add Scriptures next to each of them Create Videos for each of Destiny Map items Gather Impartations and run PowerPrayerTV Publish P48 Finish Father's Nature $1000 Residual Income from Website Hosting 10,000 Facebook Fans Purchase awesome celebrity ward-drobe Build wealth for those close to me Lead a mastermind group Establish 10,000 prayer ministry e-mails or more Get it to where you can text message our power prayer number and it gets shot out to tons of prophets and intercessors Create it so that you can upload audios of tongues and people will translate it Get wifi set up at the Glassco's Develop the Love Journal like the SOAP journal for millions to use as an app Finish developing the Power Prayer application for the phone (unless I can use the SOAP as a way) Win Contest Perform Concerts Virginia and Florida Finish Music Video for Homeless Just Us album Prepare Just Us Album with Artwork and rest of Songs in MasterWriter I wish for the best supplements ordered out months ahead of a time and taking the supplements at the right time, with the Amen Clinics taken and totally finished with

1.1.10. I wish for to be the #1 Source of getting your Ministry Funded with cool charts, places they can fill out their ministry visions and tons of Christian Billionaires reading through their visions and giving.

1.1.11. I wish for He Reigns to be the #1 Christian Social Network where we can really make it work flawlessly, and that Lee would tell me what the pass codes are so I can forward it to the Ning Signup Page

1.1.12. I wish to pleasure my wife to the maximum and I saw a vision of having a piercing on my pecker

2. Write out your perfect day.

2.1. When would you wake up?

2.1.1. Untitled

2.1.2. Untitled

2.1.3. Untitled

2.1.4. Untitled

2.1.5. 5AM

2.2. Who would you wake up next to?

2.2.1. Ideal Mate Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

2.3. What would you do then?

2.3.1. 69

2.3.2. Tantric Yoga Untitled Untitled Untitled

2.3.3. AFFIRMING GOALS Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

2.4. What kind of Breakfast?

2.4.1. Untitled

2.4.2. Untitled

2.4.3. Untitled

2.4.4. Untitled

2.4.5. Untitled

2.4.6. Untitled

2.4.7. Untitled

2.4.8. Untitled

2.5. What does your ideal car look like?

2.5.1. Untitled

2.5.2. Untitled Untitled

2.5.3. Untitled

2.5.4. Untitled Untitled Untitled

2.5.5. Untitled

2.5.6. Untitled

2.5.7. Untitled

2.5.8. Untitled

2.6. Where do you work?

2.6.1. Untitled

2.6.2. Untitled

2.6.3. Untitled

2.6.4. Untitled

2.6.5. Untitled

2.6.6. Untitled

2.6.7. Untitled

2.6.8. Stages

2.7. What kind of work are you doing?

2.7.1. Untitled

2.7.2. Untitled

2.7.3. Untitled

2.7.4. Untitled

2.7.5. Untitled

2.7.6. Untitled Untitled

2.7.7. Untitled

2.7.8. Untitled

2.7.9. Untitled

2.7.10. Untitled

2.7.11. Performing

2.8. What kind of people do you work with?

2.8.1. Reinhard Bonnke

2.8.2. Untitled

2.8.3. Untitled

2.8.4. Untitled

2.8.5. Untitled

2.8.6. Untitled

2.9. How much are you making?

2.9.1. Untitled

2.9.2. Untitled

2.9.3. Untitled

2.9.4. Untitled

2.9.5. Untitled

2.9.6. Untitled

2.9.7. Untitled

2.10. What about Lunch?

2.10.1. Thai Green Curry

2.11. What about after work?

2.11.1. Nap

2.11.2. Untitled

2.11.3. New node

2.11.4. New node

2.11.5. New node

2.11.6. New node

2.12. What hobbies do you participate in?

2.12.1. Untitled

2.12.2. New node

2.12.3. New node

2.12.4. New node

2.12.5. New node

2.12.6. New node

2.13. What kind of dancing do you do?

2.13.1. Breakdancing

2.14. What would your house look like?

2.14.1. White Mansion

2.15. What would you do next?

2.15.1. Power Prayer Meeting

2.16. Who would you spend time with?

2.16.1. 116 Clique

2.17. I see

2.17.1. doing more business in less time

2.17.2. having goosebumps

2.17.3. having great travel

2.17.4. Untitled

2.17.5. us saying our prayers together as husband and wife with passion and getting prophetic words for each other

2.17.6. using video conferencing to meet with the world prayer leaders and having someone transcribe it

2.17.7. my computer room with the four screens and the technology

2.17.8. whitening my teeth

2.17.9. playing basketball with the best shoes and equipment all stretched out and a V pack and wings wide shoulders wide and a thick neck and thicker calves

3. Vision Exercise

3.1. 1. First, focus on the financial area of your life. What is your annual income? What does your cash flow look like? How much money do you have in savings and investments? What is your total net worth? 
Next . . . what does your home look like? Where is it located? Does it have a view? What kind of yard and landscaping does it have? Is there a pool or a stable for horses? What color are the walls? What does the furniture look like? Are there paintings hanging in the rooms? What do they look like? Walk through your perfect house, filling in all of the details. 
At this point, don’t worry about how you’ll get that house. Don’t sabotage yourself by saying, “I can’t live in Malibu because I don’t make enough money.” Once you give your mind’s eye the picture, your mind will solve the “not enough money” challenge. 
Next, visualize what kind of car you are driving and any other important possessions your finances have provided. 2. Next, visualize your ideal job or career. Where are you working? What are you doing? With whom are you working? What kind of clients or customers do you have? What is your compensation like? Is it your own business? 3. Then, focus on your free time, your recreation time. What are you doing with your family and friends in the free time you’ve created for yourself ? What hobbies are you pursuing? What kinds of vaca- tions do you take? What do you do for fun? 4. Next, what is your ideal vision of your body and your physical 
health? Are you free of all disease? How long do you live to? Are you open, relaxed, in an ecstatic state of bliss all day long? Are you full of vitality? Are you flexible as well as strong? Do you exercise, eat good food, and drink lots of water? 5. Then move on to your ideal vision of your relationships with your family and friends. What is your relationship with your family like? Who are your friends? What is the quality of your relationships with your friends? What do those friendships feel like? Are they loving, supportive, empowering? What kinds of things do you do together? 6. What about the personal arena of your life? Do you see yourself go- ing back to school, getting training, attending workshops, seeking therapy for a past hurt, or growing spiritually? Do you meditate or go on spiritual retreats with your church? Do you want to learn to play an instrument or write your autobiography? Do you want to run a marathon or take an art class? Do you want to travel to other countries? 7. Finally, focus on the community you live in, the community you’ve chosen. What does it look like when it is operating perfectly? What kinds of community activities take place there? What about your charitable work? What do you do to help others and make a differ- ence? How often do you participate in these activities? Who are you helping?

4. Decide what you want

5. Believe you deserve it

6. Attraction

6.1. Practice the success principles in his book, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

6.2. Jack Canfield defines the success pushups as "meditating, reading, studying, creating a mastermind group, setting measurable goals, visualizing success, repeating affirmations, or practicing a new skill."

6.3. "Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown."

6.4. If you're feeling excited, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, loving, appreciative, abundant, prosperous, relaxed and peaceful, you are giving off positive vibrations.

6.5. The law of attraction states that the universe responds to whatever you are offering -- by giving you more of whatever you are vibrating. It doesn't care whether it is good for you or not; it simply responds to your vibration.

7. The process of intentional creation

7.1. Step 1: Identify what you truly desire & eliminate the negative

7.2. Step 2: Raise your vibration level

7.3. Step 3. Release it and allow it.

8. I want process

8.1. Kyle

8.2. Eric

8.2.1. To be using as much creativity as I can throughout the day, using my maximum brain power, and having my brain in the peak state, with workouts at the right time, the right food the right supplements, and using creative thinking patterns, and sticking to my true goals and values, understanding what my true values are and my long term and short term goals are as well as the monetized milestones and living my life based out of that, and having the right habits, and right being the ones that make the biggest different in the quality of my life, filling out the prayer form and sending it to those ministries, and establishing the habits it's going to take in order to reach all of my destiny map items, and being able to teach the Destiny Map Course through the Power Prayer, now it's all coming together, and being able to showcase and share the Just Us Album and the Cross Eyed Album and showcase the Power Prayer and work on that, setting up the interviews, and setting up the concerts to perform and teaching people those things and having the USB Stick of the valuable information to give everyone.

8.2.2. I want to be able to have the right mastermind group and put together the team of people in order to reach my destiny map fulfillment, and I want to find out how many people can do that for me.

8.2.3. I want to master the principles of effective productivity and life a life of maximum fun, high lifetime value, and within quadrant 2, doing the things that make me the most money the fastest with the biggest amount of risk and putting my money into different investment buckets, in the right place

8.2.4. I want to pay off all of my debt and delete all of my files that nathan has

8.2.5. I want to finish off all of the websites that I committed to do and when I get new ones.. delegate the rest for people to set up and get installed I finished Catalina's website! Pretty Much! It was the Page Template!

9. Clarify Your Vision

9.1. If i could have anything I want, if I could have it perfectly the way I desire, what would my life look at in the following 8 areas.

9.1.1. Career Where would you work? Who would you work for? What would the perfect ideal job be? Who would your clients be?

9.1.2. Ideal Living Place What would the colors look like? White fixtures, a big pearl in the middle Where is it? Sydney Australia What is the view? What would the art be? I would have a piece of Manoa's art What do you want in an ideal living place? Full workout gym What would it look like?

9.1.3. Family What's your ideal family look like? What do you want in regards to your family? My wires family being super awesome, rich family super nice house

9.1.4. Recreation Vacations Travel Festivals Worldwide

9.1.5. Free Time Creativity Visualizations Guided Life Exercises

9.1.6. Hobbies Collecting

9.1.7. Sports Ultimate Frisbee

9.1.8. Financially What would your net worth be? What kind of money would come in weekly or monthly?

9.1.9. Community Building Permenant Homes for Homeless

9.1.10. Legacy Power Prayer

9.1.11. Accomplishes Find cure for cancer Christians Marijuana Oil Write my books I want a book with a Mind map of Chapter in the front and then the chapter ready to go before the conference.

9.1.12. Friends Who would be your friends What would you do with your friends How many friends would you have?

10. Concepts

10.1. Main reasons we don't ask for what we want

10.1.1. Ignorance (p7-10)

10.1.2. Limiting and inaccurate beliefs

10.1.3. Fear

10.1.4. Low self-esteem

10.1.5. Pride

10.2. If you make a commitment to the what you want… the how will start to appear

10.3. If you can't see it you can't have it because you won't know what to create

10.4. If you want to know what you want, look at who you're envious of.. why not start moving in that direction?

10.5. How much do I want and when do I want it by?

10.5.1. Very Specific

10.6. Who can I start to ask, what individuals and what institutions could I begin to ask for support?

11. Make a Fun List

11.1. Asking Spouse

11.1.1. Nails on Back Massage

11.1.2. Letter

11.1.3. Words of Affirmation

11.1.4. Acts of Service

11.1.5. Creative Thinking on Top Goals

11.1.6. Singing Chorus

11.1.7. transcribing raps and adding to it

11.1.8. keeping me accountable on time list

11.2. Exciting Face 2 Face Experiences

11.2.1. Showering together

11.2.2. Spandex outfit

11.2.3. collaborative mind-mapping

11.2.4. Untitled

11.2.5. BJ while Driving

11.2.6. 100 Positions

11.2.7. Glory Hole

11.2.8. CowGirl BP

12. 10/10

12.1. On scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate our relationship this past week?

12.1.1. What would it take to make it a 10

12.2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would I rate my ability to attract and love my ideal mate?

12.2.1. 7

12.2.2. What would it take to make it a 10/10? have the top love books mind-mapped out Love & Respect Abs and Workout routine I'm sticking to Flexibility routine I'm sticking to Businesses fully ready to be funded, everything in order System for doing new songs and the habits of True North enacted on a daily basis Morning Routine on a daily basis waking up early Monthly Vision, Yearly Vision 5 Year Vision for each Ideal Mate Goals completed Profile set up online and sent to all redhead christian australian girls who can sing whose parents are still together and the ideal mate stuff answered fully, and letters ready to give to her prays prayed for her directions for her mapped out

13. 10 Benefits

13.1. It is so nice to have asked effectively through video messages, I have gotten so much support since I've started writing out persuasive scripts and delivering them with passion dressed professionally and asking specifically with the principles of asking implemented and embedded commands present

13.2. It is great being married to the girl of my deepest desire, there is no competition, she is so smoking hot, and she helps me with my flexibility and times our morning routine and gets me ready for the nightly routine early on nights I'm not at the stadiums doing a concert, she helps me creatively map out the way to finish the monetized milestones and implements the way God provides and secures orders and creates contracts and hires her hottie friends to do sales and is there at my concerts gathering emails for the mailing list and upselling merchandise clothing USBs and charities, she helps me with getting huge funding for my charity projects and helps me earn the most heavenly treasure as we reach the lost people groups

13.3. Its great having the people skills memorized, I make almost 50 new friends a day when I'm out and about and it's so great having so many thousands of comments on my professional music videos, it was great effectively asking to collaborate with the big name artists with the different albums and it was great asking for the beats and even the lyrics from all sorts of Christian artists and making friends with all of them and asking them the questions that made them come after me

13.4. Its cool being recognized by the population at large as a famous actor as well, it was great asking my way into feature films and TV shows and it's great to have these publicists marketing my music and acting ability

13.5. Oh its so amazing having a life coach that went through all of my top goals and wrote down everything and set goals that he could do to make these things all happen for me numbers based and reconnecting with Earl and receiving the contacts of Bird Dog, I'm so glad for the ability to know my tasks are scheduled and my dreamliner goals and true north is monetized mapped out and backed by true supporters and my mastermind mighty men and my prayer team

13.6. Its great leading the mastermind and prayer group as well as being able to have so many famous people in my phone it was great linking up with Elliott and connecting with celebrities and getting them addicted to being around me because of how We made them feel, getting them saved and discipled as well as being put into a big position of leadership with NB 88 and leading the Christian Mission fund

13.7. Another amazing thing is the fact that I don't even have to work anymore, I have so much residual income its crazy, I asked myself to finish the book album and course then I asked others to help me sell it, I finished monetizing Christian Mind Maps and brokered the For Sale Sign and Perfume deals and have sold the Laughrica T Shirt idea and got the shirts professionally designed and made friends with the animators at Disney told them about the project and asked Heidi as well and set up a tour all over Israel, Africa, and the US, on the phone it video message.

13.8. Another great thing is my one page miracle came true, I was able to ask all of those relationships into my life it feels great to have that social circle and my parents acting in alignment with the affirmations we created during our time together at Disneyworld

13.9. It feels great having the capitol raising skills and being able to finish the CEO space, Reinhard School, Amen Clinics and Hillsong college and intensive schools in regards to marketing and couples love courses with my ideal mate along with mind mapping alongside and with pastors to share all of those ideas in ways for the masses to understand

13.10. The most important thing was being able to connect with God and dig deep into the Hebrew Promises and Be Do Have See Know and Experience and sharing the full BiblicalAffirmation, Quality questions in its fullness and just finishing all of my projects including organizing mindmeister and evernote along with praying those prayers and learning everything I could about healing and enacting it on a daily picture, everyone I lay hands on and pray for gets healed and delivered.

14. Relational Skills

14.1. Reassuring Questions

14.1.1. FAQ How do I get the other person off of their position? Drop mine totally What are tie-downs? Won't you? Aren't they? Aren't you? Can't you? Couldn't it? Doesn't it? Don't you agree? Don't we? Shouldn't it? Wouldn't it Haven't they? Hasn't he? Hasn't she? Isn't it? Isn't that right Didn't it? Wasn't it? Won't they? Others Would you prefer to … or … ? Would you want … or ...? … or …?

14.1.2. Testimony Wouldn't take no for an answer Asked everyone he met, "Make my dream come true, help me help me help me." Came from his heart Asked repeatedly Constantly got what he wanted

15. Limiting Beliefs

15.1. About Asking

15.1.1. It must be wrong to ask, you must be tough and do it on your own.

15.1.2. You have to do it all yourself, if you ask for anything than you're a wimp.

15.1.3. The world's not a responsive place, what's the point in asking, no one cares anyway.

15.1.4. I'm not important, I'm not taken seriously.

15.2. Questions to Identify Limiting Beliefs

15.2.1. 1. What rules have I created in my life that could be limiting my ability to get started with my goal?

15.2.2. 2. What pessimistic thoughts reoccur in my head ever time I think about pursuing this dream?

15.2.3. 3. What unnecessary assumptions do I make about achieving and committing to this goal?

15.2.4. 4. What cliches, quotes, aphorisms or other catchy phrases do I entertain in my head that are limiting me?

15.2.5. 5. What stereotypical beliefs or cultural myths am I allowing to hold me back?

15.2.6. 6. How might my standards about “what” and “how” things should happen, be negatively affecting my ability to go with the flow and to make things happen?

15.2.7. 7. Are there any values that I’m holding onto that interfere with me achieving this goal? Do I value something that contradicts what I want to move toward?

15.2.8. 8. What self-defeating meanings have I created based on my past failures with important goals? How do these meanings limit me and become barriers to goal setting?

15.2.9. 9. What reoccurring stories, narrative, or mental scripts do I play over and over again in my head that disempower me?

15.2.10. 10. Do I hold onto any black and white philosophies that keep me frozen in a passive way?

15.3. Questions to Help Create New Beliefs

15.3.1. 1. What adjectives or words could I use to describe myself that make me feel good?

15.3.2. 2. What evidence do I have that disproves the limiting belief?

15.3.3. 3. What evidence do I have that proves just the exact opposite of this limiting belief?

15.3.4. 4. Look for a list of positive beliefs on the internet. Do any of these ways of thinking actually resonate with you and make sense on an experiential level? How can you adjust them to be true for you?

15.3.5. 5. How can I turn my limiting belief into a new, idealistic way of thinking?

15.3.6. 6. What is the exact opposite, positive way of thinking about this limiting thought pattern?

15.3.7. 7. How do other people who hold the opposite belief of me think? What positive ways of thinking are working for them?

15.3.8. 8. How can I create empowering beliefs by creating my own quotes, aphorisms or life philosophies that will support my goals?

15.3.9. 9. What is the belief or thought system that I wish I could truly believe? Turn this into a positive affirmation by starting it off with, “I’m in the process of thinking….” Or, simply adapt pre-existing affirmation into a belief system that works for you.

15.3.10. 10. Think of a person who has already achieved your desired goal. What attitudes, ways of thinking, and mindsets do they adopt in order to be the successful person they are?

15.3.11. 11. Simply do a solo session and brainstorm out any ideas for new ways of thinking right from scratch!

15.4. Questions to Find Evidence in Support of your New Beliefs

15.4.1. 1. What evidence do I have to support this new way of thinking?

15.4.2. 2. What sorts of behaviours, activities or actions could I take that would strengthen my belief?

15.4.3. 3. What symbols or rituals would build my belief and make it stronger?

15.4.4. 4. What self-talk would help to strengthen my belief system?

15.4.5. 5. What evidence can I find in successful role models that demonstrate my new belief is a wise one?

15.4.6. 6. In what other people do I see my belief system being a ‘truism’ in their lives?

16. Examples

16.1. New node

16.1.1. Also see the other one on the MindJet Manager

17. New node